Our Popular Themes

Room under the stars for your twinklers

Shared room with independent study space and cozy bed for your tiny tots

Space Saver Room for boy or girl

A close-packed cozy space for your kid who wants all his things organized neatly in their place

Cute Kitty room for your girl

Compact room for your daughter with loft to play in, stairs, and a splash of pink

The Racer Pirate for your kid

A ship-themed room with a play area in the loft and car bed for him who can't stop thinking of cars even in his dreams

Athletic room for your energetic boys

Sport-themed kid's room, with board games, basketball board and independent beds.

Pink Fairy for your angel

Shared room for your little girls with play space overhead and let’s learn together study table accompanied by unicorn and butterfly

The Sailor, the explorer

Ship-themed room with enough compartments for all of your kid's treasure, up the stairs to the play area and down the slide to a comfortable bed, to sail through the dreams

Unicorn room for your curious angel

Unicorn-themed room with colorful stairs, playful loft, and a spacious bed

Space Saver Playful Room for your champ

Let your child climb up to the play area and slide down to the bed for a good night's sleep

Fly and Slide, Blue-theme room for your boy

Climb up the stairs to the loft play area, designed with a plane, and slide down to the bed for a sound sleep.

Over the clouds shared room for girl and boy

Cloud-themed room with bunk bed for your prince and princess

The Blue Mountains, shared room for your little trekkers

Shared room with wall climbing and more for your playful boys

Elegant Shared Room for Two Kids

Room with two beds, loft to play and ample space for everything

Compact Room for two kids

Room for two kids with study, climbing wall, bunk bed and a place to store those can't-put-down books

Royal room for your Princess

Give your kid's room a royal touch for your princess

Arrr room for your little pirate

If your kid loves treasure then this is the room for never ending adventures

Dynamic Red, For your hero

A Car-model bed with fellow jungle buddies animal wallpaper. Stairs and a slide by the bed, a playful loft area, and ample space for storage.

Spacious Shared Room for Boy and Girl

Room with separate beds for kids who dream to travel around the world

Space Saver Room with loft, slide, and stairs

Room with slide, loft to sleep, stairs and place for all the toys

Room for an active girl

Room with climbing wall, hanging bars, and loft to keep the activities going

Room with full length loft

If your kid loves space and nature then this one is for you

Hot Wheels, Room for your racer

Spacious play area with wall climbing and punching bag, car-theme wardrobe, and a comfortable bed for your sons.

Shared Room for Boy and Girl

Football and Mermaid Themed Room with two beds, loft to play, study and activity space

Space Saver Room for two girls

Room for two girls who love reading and stories

Colourful room for your Princess

More colours are more fun, your kid will agree

Room for two kids with their own space

Lofts are so much fun, and we have two of those here

Son Shine, A Spacious bright room for your champ

A polished room with a king-size bed and a play area atop with a study table and sunshine that feels at home in a room.

Spacious Shared Room for Two Kids

Room with common bed, loft to play, study and activity space

Space Saver Room with Plenty of Storage

Room for a kid who loves personal space

Castle for your Princess

Truly spectacular one if you have a princess at home

Shared Room for Growing Kids

Looking for a kids room with everything then this is the one

Dream drive under the stars, a compact bedroom for your twins

A room with Shades of Blue motif, a nice individual bed for your boys, bookshelves on the side, and a play space atop.

Twin Sleep Down Play Up

Twin beds with loft play area on the top

Sky High, Room for your boy

A cozy bed space, with slide and stairs, a playful loft area with board games, and a basketball board by the stairs to shoo away any dull moment.

Space Savers for single child

Space Savers for single child with study desk and storage

Shared Room for two kids and a guest

Shared Room with loft, for two kids and an additional trundle bed

Playful Shared Room for two kids

Shared Room with a slide and drawing wall at the loft

Room for single girl child

Single girl child room with hut shaped bed

Adventure Themed Sleep Down Play Up

Adventure Themed room for two kids with loft as play area

Sportvenger, Activity filled room for your son

Clubbing Avengers and sports theme, here is the kid's room which can always be fun to live in.

Room for two Girls

Room with bunk bed for two girls

Shared Room for two Girls

Castle Themed Room with car beds for two girls

Football Themed Room

Room with an extra trundle bed for a guest

Unicorn Themed Room

Unicorn themed room with hut shaped loft

High Activity Room for single child

Perfect room to mix study and play

A for Avengers, Shared room for your boys

A power-packed room with avengers roofed loft area, a slide and wall-climbing for play, and, a comfortable bed for sweet dreams.

Shared Room for a boy and a girl

Shared room to celebrate best years of your boy and girl child

Adventure Room for single kid

Adventure themed room with high sleeper bed and play area below

Playful room for a girl child

Room with slide, stairs and loft for all the fun

Heavy Duty Play Room

Room for a kid who loves building & construction toys

Stars and Planets, Shared room for your shining heroes

Independent beds, play area atop and, book stack by the side, complete space for learning and fun.

Shared Room for Two Princesses

Room with two separate beds and a loft for pretend play

Space Shuttle Room

Room for kids who love cars, space shuttles and bikes

Open Space Room for a girl child

Balloon filled room for your young princess

Playful Space Saver Room

Room with plenty of options to play, study and relax

Classy Room for your prince

Spacious room with study table, basketball board for some fun, and bedroom bench to enjoy nature.