How to Design a Kid's Room for Girls?

Kids’ room for girls. The room looks like a wonderland with a bunny mirror in the dressing area, a castle wallpaper and galaxy star ceiling.

Designing a girl's room can be a fun and exciting task for parents, but it can also be a bit overwhelming. With so many options and trends to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. But with a little bit of planning and creativity, you can create a space that is not only functional but also supports your daughter's growing years in the bustling city. Here are some tips on how to design a girl's room that is fun, functional, and supports the growing years of your daughter.

Kids’ room for girls. It has a comfortable bunk bed with cloud railings for safety purposes. The room has a flying parachute amidst mountains and wall cushioning.

A room for little girls is cute and a wonderland- Colorful and Mesmerising! Though- ‘Girls like pink’ is a cliche, there are research studies that substantiate the reason for the same. While designing a room for girls, there are possibilities to play around with a variety of elements and colors. Based on your girl’s personality, nail her fancy dreamland. Along with the outlook, the intricacies matter in a kids’ room, from the tiniest knob to the cot, storage, and play area. Magical Nest guides you through the waves of creating the best kids’ room for your little princess.

Kids’ room for girls. The room looks like a wonderland with a bunny mirror in the dressing area, a castle wallpaper and galaxy star ceiling.

Make it look beautiful

Yep, the room, of course, makes you go in awe! Girls love glitter and rainbow shades, meaning colorful and amusing. You can make a combination of subtle colors with a bright tone. It is all about balance. If your girl likes vibrant colors, it is nicer to have a calmer corner in a room with neutral tones. Attractive wallpapers, cute knobs for storage, and a sky-like ceiling with clouds for the day and stars for the night are next to perfect for the ambiance of your angel’s room. The room walls can have their favorite movie character or the loving unicorn. It can also be educative with the varied design of world maps with animals and names of the continent. If you choose a theme for the room, customized cushions and bed accessories to blinds and curtains make the room magical.

Kids’ room with a queen size purple bed and purple upholstery with the girl’s name etched on the headboard. It has a spacious well-cushioned loft area with stairs and a slide on either slide.

Don't ignore the furnishings and theme

The bed can be a chariot or a queen size with a rainbow headboard with her name on it, anything your girl wants! And it can be more than just not a plain bed.

  1. A loft area to have some quiet reading time or unique playtime just beneath the fancy ceiling.
  2. A bunk or trundle bed to maximize sleeping space to accompany friends, cousins, or parents.
  3. A vertical wall-mounted bed acts as a space saver, giving more play area or other activities inside the room.

The study desk is a long-time companion for your girl. Do not worry about her legs flying in the air. There is a height-adjustable desk and footrest, making it utmost convenient. The edges are curved, and there is no headache to worry about sharp edges in your kids’ room.

Spacious storage space in the kids’ room. It has a wardrobe, draws and open shelves for convenient stacking.

Keep ample apace for storage

Girls need more wardrobe space. A multifunctional storage space is helpful for the kids' room, especially for girls, who have plenty of things to store. One of the best ways to make them put away toys after play is by providing them with accessible clean storage space. The study desk and shelves help with organizing books and stationery. Also, the stairs alongside the loft area, if there is one, give cabins to put your little girl's belongings. Trofast box and hydraulic bed also suffice the requirement.

Make the play-art area, the highlight of the room

If your girl is a jumping Jill, the activity corner is all you need to channel her energy. It can have a swings-tire, ring or a fairy one, wall climbing, or those ropes to hang and fly. White/Blackboard is the right choice to let them show their artistic skills because why not pamper their talents? The room can have a lego wall or wall-board games for some leisure.

A kids’ room with play area, activity corner consisting of wall climbing and swing. It also has an art section with tables and chairs making it comfortable to draw and paint.

Another important element to consider is lighting. It's important to have a variety of light sources in the room, such as overhead lighting, table lamps, and floor lamps, to create different moods and ambiance. You can also include a dimmer switch to control the brightness of the room.

By considering your daughter's age and interests, thinking about the layout and color scheme, and adding personal touches, you can create a space that is not only functional but also supports her growing years in the city.

All-in-all, designing a room for girls is a colorful process. Be sure to balance it between functionality and amusement. As parents, we completely understand your safety concerns and confidently assure you that the room we design is non-hazardous and has baby-proof elements. Do not doubt having everything you need in your girls' room under one roof - because Magical Nest has magical solutions. All you have to do is get started with us.

Get started with your kid's room

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