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A kid’s room for the siblings. Independent bed, loft area for play that has board games and scribbling area, and a study table. Wardrobe and cabins for storage.

Magical Nest is a one-of-a-kind, Kids' Room Company that gives prominence to every inch of the space in creating a perfect room for the tiny tots. A kid’s room to build memories. Rooted in Bangalore, we have stretched our wings into various parts of the country and we are growing, tall and wide.

Parents are very thoughtful of their kids, their growing years, and a space that the kids call their own. This notion enables the design team at Magical Nest to broaden their design thinking around the interiors and decor that the kids will enjoy and have maximum fun being around.

Here are some of the functional and sprightly kid’s rooms that we have designed in Bangalore, and admired by the parents.

Chamber of Memories

Designing a kids room for siblings is fun every single time. To blend their choices and create a lovely space is a pleasure. A daughter of age six years and a son of age ten years are the loving children of Mr. and Mrs. Narayan Pai. Namitha likes her room with barbie wallpaper and enjoys playing with her toys in the tent, while Naman loves to have a play zone, especially for his PS4. A bed and loft area, study table and bookshelf, wardrobe, and storage were among the basic requirements of the parents.

A spacious kid’s room for the siblings with subtle colors splashed. The room has a trundle bed, loft area, and independent study tables.

To have imagined a dreamlike room and to eventually own it, in reality, is a thrill to the kids. The subdued colors giving a glossy appearance are all about the vibe of Naman and Nimitha’s kids' room. The white theme bedroom dressed up with blue, yellow, and pink bestows a gender-neutral shade. The loft area for play and relaxation with an individual study desk, sectioned wardrobe with a bookshelf in between, and the trundle bed for restful sleep and magical dreams give a wholesome feeling enhanced with independent space for the siblings.

Chamber of Blu-Pinko

Grandchildren's desires are never said no to by their grandparents. The adorable siblings were getting a room exclusively designed for play and sleep. The elder brother aged eight years and the little sister aged four years are a fan of Spiderman and Disney princesses. The wishlist for the children's bedroom included a bunk bed and storage in every corner possible for toys, board games, and all other belongings of theirs. As it was going to be a playroom too, rock climbing and a monkey bar were on the list along with a whiteboard for the artwork. The decor is the element that enhances the appearance of the room. Hence, galaxy star lighting for the ceiling and gender-neutral colors were preferred.

A kid’s room for the siblings. Independent bed, loft area for play that has board games and scribbling area, and a study table. Wardrobe and cabins for storage.

The room looks vibrant with colors blue and yellow, based on white. Magical Nest prioritizes the requirements of the parents. Accordingly, the bunk bed with stairs to the loft area, preferred colors, the play gym area, storage spaces, and a scribbling board are all the elements to tick off the wish list. The velvet cushioned blue headboard, the magnetic wall-board games, world map prints on the wardrobe and the vehicle-theme blinds for the window are the appealing aspects of the room. The spiderman background for rock climbing, monkey bar, and the basketball board is all that is needed to steer the energetic souls to stay fit and fine. It would rather be incomplete without a window seater bed to enjoy nature, relax and refresh. This kids' bedroom is a welcoming space with a bright ambiance.

Chamber of Style

Mr. and Mrs. Gaurav want a lovely kid’s room designed for their princess Nitara. The parents had a clear picture of what they were expecting which helped our design team to plan accordingly and present the room which was more than a fairy tale. Though the era of online learning is zooming, reading books always bags its place on the top. A reading corner and a bookshelf, bunk bed, scribbling area, and storage were the required elements. Star ceiling lights and subtle colors for the appearance added to the décor elements.

 A pretty pink room for the girl with a couch-like bed, a swing by the window, and loft play area. The room has cloud-shaped ceiling lights and cute cushions to add to the decor.

Minimalism is elegance! Couch-like queensy bed in the big capacious room along with a cushioned loft area propped with cute pillows for both play and relaxation gives the kid's room a fancy appearance. The vertical mirror by the bed is laced with lights, the blackboard, and the study space, yet the room has enough space for the little girl to run and play around. The wardrobe and storage are the go-to cabins to look for Nitara's belongings. The house based on the seventh floor gives a scenic view of the surrounding, and a swing by the window to sway with the breeze and enjoy the view while reading a book is one of the pleasant ways to spend time.

Chirping Chamber

Children love to play outdoors, in the park, making new friends. Kids enjoy learning through exploring. But because of covid, our routines have turned topsy-turvy. From the smallest of habits to major ones, there have been drastic changes. One such concern of the parents is their kid's inclination toward screen time. Akshara's parents were on the same boat as well. She was curious to learn about plants and insects and everything around in nature. But she had forgotten about it over the past years and had become more interested in just movies. Her parents wanted to design her room to be planned based on a theme that gave her the space to bring back her keen interests. With pastel colors, especially green and yellow, a study table, and more importantly a reading corner with shelves for books and ample storage.

A green-theme kid’s room with stairs to the loft area filled with board games for fun activities. A comfortable bed and ample storage with a wardrobe and study table. Bird, leaves, and butterfly knobs for the cabins and wardrobe make the room look pretty with a seater by the window.

A go-green theme room with shades of yellow and blue! The twin bed has a velvet patterned headboard with rabbit-shaped pillows and side tables with a bed lamp. Akshara’s favorite part of her room is the loft area! It is propped with wall board games and a scribbling area with comfort cushioning. The wardrobe by the bed, a study table, and a bench by the window for a reading corner in the room, and the pretty little butterflies, leaves, and bird knobs appear to be the perfect kid’s room for Akshara that is sprinkled with warmth and delight.

The Olympiad

Having a sibling is the best company for life. Vihaan was going to have his baby sibling and for both of them, a kid’s room was in the making, designed with adoration. Vihaan is a complete sport-love boy. Cricket and Badminton are among his favorites. Space for keyboard and board games, bunk bed and study table with the theme of cars, and space for the room were the required elements.

A sport-themed kid’s room with bunk bed with slide and stairs, the loft that also is a play area with board games. A play gym by the bed, wardrobe and study table with a bench by the window to enjoy the view.

The kid’s room has a sporty vibe, just the way Vihaan wanted. A bunk bed columned with a slide and stairs on either side to the fun loft area with board games and scribbling area. By the bed is the play gym area with bar climbers, ring-swing, and a rope ladder. A study table and a space-theme walled rock climber add to the adventurous time in the sibling's room. Vihaan’s name is etched over the headboard decored with cricket symbols, customized blankets, cushions, and the bench by the window to relish the view of the garden. Storage is the priority with kids in the house. Ample storage is provided with cabins and shelves for the siblings’ possessions.

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