5 perfect kids bedroom designs for Hyderabad

Kid’s room for the twins with independent bed, slide, and stairs by the loft area, bookshelf, and a bench by the window.

Magical Nest is graced by the pearls (yes, your kids we mean) of Hyderabad. The design team intricately tailors to perfection every project with excitement and passion. From having an online consultation with the family to execution, through constant connection with the parents, we create exceptional kid’s bedrooms for the prince and princesses to have their own La La Land.

Magical Nest prioritizes the safety of the child in all aspects. From sharp edges to electrical points and fabrics to decors, every element in the room is kid-friendly for risk-free space so that kids can access every part of their room without getting injured.

Here are the 5 FUNctional kid’s rooms we have designed in Hyderabad which are loved by the kids and admired by parents.

Cool Blue and Pink Castle

Avyaan and Aashvi, the adorable siblings both have unique personalities. Childhood is a weighty phase of exploring and binding interests. Avyaan, the elder brother, eight years old, thoroughly enjoys every kind of sport. Reading books is his favorite too, Harry Potter and other fiction. He enjoys playing puzzles and board games as well. Aashvi, his six-year-old sister, is an absolute princess. She loves fairy tales and pink and purple are her favored colors. The little girl has a doll house and loves to show off her crafts and artwork on the wall. Designing their two rooms was a pleasant task for the team.

Blue-theme boy’s room with activity area, study table, and wardrobe. The day sky ceiling and the tinge of yellow in the room.

Avyaan has a cool vibe room of blue and white shades. A queen-size trundle bed with his name etched on the headboard marks the mark of his room. A wall covered with world map wallpaper showing animals, birds, and oceans of the globe gives a majestic look to the room. The sports freak he is, a rope ladder by the bed and a wall ladder with a suspended punching bag are all there to engage him during leisure.

A fairy-tale theme girl’s room with a unicorn wall, couch-like bed with a storage stairway paving the way to the loft area for play.

A unicorn wallpaper, an angel on the headboard with the name Aashvi imprinted on it, and the space splashed with shades of pink and purple is the little daughter’s fairy theme room. She has a couch-like bed with stairs to the loft area that has wall-board games and cute cushions, a space to play and relax, or even read her favorite book. The study table has pin-up boards to exhibit her art and craftwork. The little pretty butterfly knobs, wardrobe art, blinds, and the compact dressing table framed with lights add to the overall appearance of the kid’s room.

Pearl Garden

A walk in nature is therapy in itself. Plants bring their kind of energy to the surroundings. How wonderful it would be to design a room with a nature theme. Aishwarya Tejasviraj, the parent who wanted her daughter’s room to have everything to do with trees, plants, and birds. A bedroom and study room were to be designed for the 2 year old little girl. A queen-size bed with a slide and a ladder to the loft area, a photo wall, an art wall, and an armchair by the window were the required elements for the kid’s bedroom.

A beautiful white-pink nature theme kid’s room with pretty plants and bird wallpaper, a queen-size bed and loft area, and a sofa by the window.

The little angel’s room radiates light, looks royal with white and beige pink hues, and is a perfect space for the growing child. The queen-size bed with a compact loft area is propped with a slide and ladder. One of the beautiful walls is a dedicated space for all the artwork with scribbling boards and drawing sheets complemented with lovely plants and birds wallpaper. And the other is the picture wall to put up photographs and inspiring quotes. A single sofa with a footrest by the window to read a book feels as elegant as it looks. The study room looks no less than a kid’s library with an entire wall for the bookshelf. The study table with a pin-up board and a bench by the window are just right for the perfect reading ambiance.

A study room with two study tables, a wall-height bookshelf with mini cabins, and a pin-up board.

Rainbow Twirl

The two princesses’ room is just getting together with all the elements they love to have in there. They enjoy doing art and craft, drawings, and paintings. Storage for books, toys, and stationery was also on the list. The parents wanted the room to be filled in subtle colors with a pinch of pink.

Kid’s room for siblings with pretty colors splashed, independent bed, and long loft area for play and relaxation.

The kids’ room looks vibrantly colorful, just the way the daughters would love it. The twin bed is fluffed with customized blankets and cute pillows and bears an upholstered fancy headboard. The loft area with a solar system roof extends over the two beds giving ample space for activity and relaxation with wall board games. The study table with independent study space complimented with a whiteboard, a blackboard on the wall,  and the play gym area add to the fun part of the kid’s room. The starry ceiling of the room, the polka-dotted floor rug, the world-map window blinds, and the hues, brightify the vibe of the room.


Designing a kids’ room for siblings is the utmost fun. Blending the likes and preferences of Niveda and Bruhath which pleases them both, would be a feeling of satisfaction. The bed space was to be planned in a way that it gave room to their parents or grandparents to hop in as well. A room is meant to have generous sunshine and air. Lights, a study table, and storage for toys and books were the requirements of the parents. The room was to be modified solely for studying and sleeping.

A compact kid’s room with queen size bed and loft area with a study table for the siblings.

Go green! The color theme of the kid's room is green with a mingle of blue and pink, for it is a room of a sister and brother. The space is utilized skillfully to have enough room for the guardians. The stairway storage to the loft area is a bed with marvel characters’ cushions. The loft has a scribbling area and board games to shoo-away boredom. The queen-size bed with bar-structure headboard and the study table by the side serves the purpose of the Study-Sleep only room. The cars and trucks' window blinds, floor rug, soft toys, and the day sky ceiling make the room appealing.

Twin Hues

Mayra and Neev are two years old twins, zestful and lovely. They are young to have favorites yet, but they find bright colors quite attractive. Independent bed for the kids, a loft area, a bench by the window, and the room splashed with poppy colors like orange and yellow were on the parents’ wishlist.

Kid’s room for the twins with independent bed, slide, and stairs by the loft area, bookshelf, and a bench by the window.

The room has flashy colors of yellow, orange, and blue among others, and looks magnificent with twin beds and the loft area with stairs and a slide. The dressing area is complete with a wardrobe and mirror with plenty of storage space. The study table has an independent study space, pin-up boards, and a wall bookshelf. The bench by the window to enjoy the view, or to read a book and the day sky ceiling give the appealing appearance of the kid's room.

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