Things to consider while designing your kid's study area

Yellow-Blue themed solid study table for kids by the window with storage space.

Tantrums and excuses are not surprising when children hear homework. The easy-peasy way to help these energy packets to sit down by their books is by designing a unique study space that will create a perfect motivation to study. Study space brings about organizing skills and time management in children. And this makes children responsible individuals. Designing the study area according to the kid's personality helps them focus better as they connect with the space.

The easier the access to the study materials, the lesser the distraction is for kids, and it leads to greater productivity. The wallpaper, color splashed on walls, and elements that create an ambiance to the study room with ample air and sunshine are the priorities for comfort learning.

A bright and spacious study room with the study table against the window. It has a book-shelf and ample storage space with a pin-up board.

The aspects to consider for designing the space for the little great minds at work.

A stand-alone study table for kids with compartments for storage.

Design around the space available

Space constraint should never be a reason for a NO study table in your kid’s room. Compact study tables blend with the room, making it look better organized as materials are handy and things are not splattered all over the room. It is minimalist and gives away teen vibes.

The kid’s room is to be a package. All the necessary elements under one roof help the kid to arrange their belongings in an orderly manner. The study table design that goes with the bedroom theme is eye-catching for the kid, inspiring them to do their homework or read their favorite storybook on their fancy study table furnished with classified shelves and compartments.

Make provisions for things to be organized

Two sets of bunk beds and study tables set apart by stairs to the bed. The study unit has a chair and L-shaped desk with white board and pin-up boards.

Kids have a mountain of stationary, and never-ending collections of books. A rack of shelves and a chest of drawers to neatly arrange their belongings, well, contributes to being organized. Putting back things where they belong is a habit that kids can learn. It is never too early for the kids to learn organizational skills. A well organized space makes it easier to find things when kids really need them.

Think functionality and design for growing years

A compact set up of all the elements under one roof. The study table has a white-board, drawers and a comfortable chair and a reading corner next to it with a bed in the loft area.

The study table is the center space for your kids for all their activities. Rather than hopping from place to place, how about being able to adjust the height and slope of the desk? This functionality makes it trouble-free for the kids causing no hindrance for any task. This also supports their growing years. You will not have to worry about replacing the study table every couple of years. Do reach out to Magical Nest to customize your height and angle adjustable study table.

Do not ignore the importance of light

Yellow-Blue themed solid study table for kids by the window with storage space.

Ample sunlight and air in the kid’s room improve their concentration, enhancing better learning. Hence, setting up the study table by the window is one of the preferable options. If the natural light is not there then ensure that there is ample light from other sources. Well lit study area is as important as any other part of the kid’s room.

Different space for siblings

A shared study table for two kids with independent study space accessorized with a section for storage and draws on the desk with pin-up board.

Providing a study space for the siblings is exciting. A shared desk with an independent study space favors co-learning which is fun and absorbing, and independent learning, for a mindful uninterrupted study time. This way the younger one can learn from the good habits of the elder one.

A linear study table and a chair by the window with a nature-theme wallpaper and wall-mounted shelf for storage.

Inspiring study space for effective learning! Having elements that match your kid’s personality is a way to go. Wallpapers and colors, a scribbling area and pin-up boards, and fancy shelves to motivate kids to put things in an orderly manner are all the elements that bring up the spirit of the study space. You can also checkout our latest collection study desks as well. 

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