Five Amazing Car Beds for Kids in India

The car bed for kids with customized cushions, animal wallpaper and velvet upholstery. There is a loft with stairs, slide, and an activity area.

Is your kid a fan of toys with wheels? Seeing car beds makes them joyous. Our car beds are not just playful but very functional as well. They come with maximum safety. They have raised side bars that prevent fall-offs while the kid is asleep. Altogether it makes a cozy space for a good night’s sleep.

Lights, Wheels, Sound, RACE. Here are some of the car beds to vibe with your racer kid.

Classic Car Bed for kids

A cute wooden car bed against a parachute wallpaper and chest of draws by the bed.

The stylish wooden car bed is gender-neutral. It is classic, strong and will never get old. It is a bed your kid can grow into their teen years. This car bed gives the utmost comfort to your little one. Paired with cushions and throws with lovely wallpaper, sets your kid's sleep a smooth ride through dreams for a fresh morning and beyond.

Trucker Car Bed for kids

A yellow truck theme bed with the kids’ name etched on the wall. The bed lamps and comforters make it a cozy sleeping space.

Kids enjoy playing with building blocks. A majestic bulldozer bed will add to their creative mind laying the foundation for concrete dreams to wake up to feel powerful for a challenging day. The bed devised cautiously causes no harm to your kid’s safety. It also comes with side storage to stack all the toy cars that you kid have.

Racer Car bed and Princess Chariot bed for kids

A chariot inspired, white and pink bed for the princess and a red race-car bed for the prince with a writing wall and a tyre swing.

Siblings ought to have different choices. Having individual beds according to their preference makes everybody happy. The car bed for the son and the fairy-theme bed for the girl is according to their dream space. Spending time under the same roof blooms the bonding between them. What’s more, they even sway beds once in a while to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Superhero Car bed for kids

A bat-mobile bed with batman logo on the wheels and Gotham city wallpaper, loft area and fancy bookshelf.

The batmobile bed with Gotham city wallpaper! Blending the fantasies to design an ideal bedroom with a little Batcave. It is a comfortable space to read bedtime stories and adventurous dreams for goodnight’s sleep. Not a fan of Batman then how about Lightning McQueen. With superhero theme cars, the options are endless.

Twin Racer car bed for kids

Racer car theme twin bed for the kids with ferrari logo on the wall with loft area and the racing track slide.


Building dreams together, racing through life! This race-car twin bed is for supportive siblings who stand by each other. The shared bed with wheels and logo over the wall gives a stylish look to the kid’s room. Both kids can enjoy a bigger racer car bed, each taking turns to be in the driving seat and the other one helps with navigation.

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