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"absolute kids lovers!"

"Children see magic because they look for it." - Christopher Moore

Magical Nest is all about an unparalleled excellence and commitment towards bringing joy in the lives of our little and growing ones.


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We design the most important room in the house, for the most important people in the world! 

At Magical Nest, we don’t make products that are just beautiful to look at; they all have a purpose and are designed to improve children’s lives in one way or the other. Originally, this was the quest from where it all began for the team at Magical Nest. 


The founders, parents themselves and absolute kids-lovers were perplexed seeing a tremendous dearth of innovation in the Indian kids’ furniture and room decor segment. After spending more than an year in studying what do kids really want, how their lives can be enriched with the right mix of furniture and furnishing in their spaces/rooms, what material suits the needs the best and what type of manufacturing partners can be engaged with to produce quality goods at sensible prices, Magical Nest was finally born in the early 2016, picking Bengaluru as its first city to start operations in. 


The story from there on is all about bringing the right ingredients together and building the right partnerships so that we set an example of excellence and commitment towards bringing joy in the lives of our little ones. 

Here are a few more insights into what truly makes us your favorite Kids’ Furniture & Room Decor specialist in the country. 

#1 Thoughtful Designs

We literally strive to inject all the qualities in our goods that a new addition in a kid’s room demands / ought to have. We begin by understanding the pain points from kids themselves, their mothers (at times, fathers too), domain experts, market and then move to prototype designs that truly provide a solution before covering them with the right colors.

#2 Endless Possibilities

Every kid is unique with her/his needs and in personality and we, at Magical Nest, remind ourselves of that every minute of the hour. As a result, while we truly offer you world class products, we further that by miles with our custom services possibilities. Be it a new furniture that you want us to design or the entire room, we are here to bring tremendous joy in the entire household.

#3 Our Team

We are a team of committed individuals from diverse backgrounds and a passion for enriching a kid’s life that brings us all together. After graduating from IITs, IIMs, and NICMARs of the worlds and in our lives in between, we were entrepreneurs, product managers, designers, usability analysts and interior design consultants.

#4 Recommendations

Not only our nursery sleeping systems are recommended by famous hospitals and paediatricians, majority of our playroom and kids’ room furniture are recommended by thought leaders and experts in the domain. Any piece that comes out from our workshop undergoes a stringent quality check for safety, practicality and usefulness.