5 space saver kids bedroom designs for Mumbai

The kid’s room for boys is designed based on the Mario theme. The wall art, headboard and the loft area design justify the theme. There is an activity area and galaxy star ceiling.

Magical Nest is knitting dreams across states. Mumbai, the metropolitan city, is known for its splendid architecture. The Gateway of India, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, and The Taj Mahal Palace do justice to the magnificent structures. Setting a mark in the city to create magic between the four walls is our team’s joyous venture.

Parents are being mindful of creating a meaningful life for their children. From helping them imbibe moral values to providing a space to grow into responsible adults, they are establishing a sensitively strong foundation.

Colorful kids room. The loft area has a bookshelf, wall board games and a white scribbling board. There are ample shelves for storage including stair draws. The bench by the window, cute knobs and colors add to the aesthetics of the room.

Parents in Mumbai love Magical Nest because we maximize the space available in the full by making full use of the vertical space as well. Kids in Mumbai love us because we deliver the kid’s room that is full of fun and activities. Here are some of the rooms we have designed in the city of Mumbai for all the tiny tots.

The Mario Park

Themed rooms are exciting for kids. Watching their favorite cartoon characters makes kids' spirits go high. Hrehaan is a fan of Super Mario. Everything in the room was to be planned around the theme of Super Mario. The activity area, bunk bed, and study table were the other requirements for the kid's room.

The kid’s room for boys is designed based on the Mario theme. The wall art, headboard and the loft area design justify the theme. There is an activity area and galaxy star ceiling.

Hrehaan’s room is a piece from the Japan Mario theme park. The wall by the stairs to the loft has a video game clip image to give the vibe to the room. The trundle bed makes a comfortable space for the kid and a parent. Rock climbing and swings add to the activity area for the kid to compete with Mario. The loft area, study table, and bench by the window add to the other elements of the kid's bedroom. The colorful room has no compromise in functionality and fun.

Pink Paradise

The fairy tale themed kid’s room for the girl  room has a pink and white color scheme with a castle loft. There is rainbow wallpaper and upholstery.

The princesses of Fairyland, Myra, and Shanaya adore rainbows and palaces. The parents wished for a functional room for the growing years of the daughters, a kid's room that blends with their changing likes. Stepping in will transcend the kids into a different world. The steps, providing storage as well, lead to the castle loft area, and the bed has a rainbow headboard. The study area has an independent study space with a white scribbling board, pin-up boards to put up reminder notes or artwork for the kids, and ample storage for books and stationery. A dream kid's room that has come into reality!

The Trucker Bed

The kid’s room for a boy has a bulldozer theme bed with the kid’s name etched on the wall. The loft area has the football ground ceiling with a book rack.

Sometimes less is more. Zidane is a little engineer who likes to play with building blocks and construction toys. His room was designed to match the existing theme. The majestic bulldozer Trundle Bed is the highlight. The well-cushioned loft area has racks for books for quiet reading time. For showcasing the art, there are scribbling boards by the window to draw inspiration from the view. The activity area by the bed completes the wish list of the parents and the little hero, which has rock climbing and ring swings.

The Gloss House

Subtle colors, non-claustrophobic, utilizing the space in every way possible but without stuffing too many elements, accessible storage, television space, activity area, study table, and loft were the requirements of the parents.

The elegant kid’s room for girls has a peach and pink color scheme. The loft has the lego wall and other board games. The wardrobe has pretty designs of parachutes, stars and clouds.

Gloss elegance is the word for the two princesses' room! The kid's room brought a smile to the parents and joy to the heart of the little girls. White with shades of peach and pink let the room look shiny. The door opens to the activity area. It has monkey bars, a swing, and rock climbing. Following this, the study table bridges the chest of draws and has a tv unit. The couch bed has raised cushion bars for safety. The loft has a lego wall with other board games. The vertical wall mirror and the wardrobe ensure the girls are ready to rock and roll.

The Rainbow Room

The cute little girl’s room is compactly placed with a cozy bed and the loft area that has a slide and stair on either side.

A stylish makeover of the kid’s room is on the way. The compact bed space, with a rainbow headboard, has a trundle bed for the parent to sleep over along with the daughter. The loft area has a slide and stairs on either side. The stairs come with storage, and the underneath slide has shelves. The loft area that appears like a balcony has a lego wall and pin-up board to showcase artwork. The color theme of the room is pink with a blend of blue and white, creating a cute ambiance.

In Mumbai, the space might be limited but that doesn't mean the fun and functionality in your kid's room should take a back seat. If you are in Mumbai want to transform your kid's room then do reach out to us and we would love to do your kid's room. 

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Sandeep k

Looking for something like pink paradise or rainbow room for my daughters.What is the cost for this type if setup. Also it is a kind of removable or fixed structure?

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