Maya and her Magic Box ~ A Short Story

on October 18, 2022

The little girl came home jumping with joy from school. She was wondering about the hush-push going on in the house. There was a new TV! And while everybody was excited about the television, the little girl was curious to play with the cardboard box lying in the corner.

A little girl with a cardboard box thinking about the games she can play with it.

The little things always bring happiness. She, with her compatriot, the most loyal best friend, Teddy began their journey of adventure. From that day, it was called Maya’s Magic Box.

Little girl and her teddy bear playing inside a cardboard box turned into a car.

Seatbelt, Engine, Go! The box was sometimes a racing car. The girl, with her helmet, and teddy wearing the glass, vroomed in the Lightning McQueen.

Little girl and her teddy bear playing inside a cardboard box turned into a castle and fighting with a dragon.

It was sometimes a castle built to protect herself and her best friend, Ted. They together fought the dragon who attacked to destroy the lovely castle. After the glorious triumph over the evil drag, the girl and Ted did a victory dance- Tap,Tap,Tap! Say Bye Bye Dragon!

Little girl and her teddy bear playing inside a cardboard box turned into a spaceship.

The next mission was to fly. Maya was curious about the stars and planets. Ted and she built a spaceship and were all set to explore space. They were in AWE at the twinkling stars and the glowing moon.

Young girl keeping away the clothes in a cardboard box.

Years passed by, Maya grew up, and well... hmmm... the magic box was just a box again, which held safe her belongings. It lived with the pile of other boxes.

4 cardboard boxes lying in a garage.

We all know life is a circle of events. While Maya was busy with her work, she heard a sound from the other room. What was it?

A woman startled by a loud noise.

She walked to check. There he was, her son, who was sailing in the Pirate Ship. The ‘just a box’ was now a Magic Box again.

A little boy choice taking things out of a cardboard box.

Nostalgia always takes us back to the line of memories that brings a sense of joy and satisfaction.

A little boy playing pirate inside a cardboard box and his mother watching.

Sometimes we need to see through the eyes of a child to realize that a box is never a box but full of possibilities. So play with your kid to rediscover the hidden world of creativity and maybe you’ll relearn a thing or two that you have forgotten a long time ago. And if you need our help to design a kid's room that is fun and playful then do reach out to us and we would love to do your kid's room. 

Box with a teddy bear inside.

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