5 Incredible kids bedroom designs for Chennai

Pink pretty kid’s room interior with unicorn room wallpaper, stairs cum storage to the loft area with board games, comfortable bed with side tables, dressing space, and a study table for the girl.

Magical Nest explores the dreams of the kids of Chennai. The term 'Kids' is generic, but their imaginations are distinctive. Designing the space where they spend most of their time, apart from school, is mind-tackling and engrossing. 

Pink pretty kid’s room interior with unicorn room wallpaper, stairs cum storage to the loft area with board games, comfortable bed with side tables, dressing space, and a study table for the girl.

The Classy Wood Kid's Room

The classy white-wood-based theme kid’s room for the siblings has a teenage vibe. The elements in the room include the spacious bunk bed, the avenger logo on the wardrobe, the whiteboard, and shelves for storage.

The brothers, who are gymnasts and dancers, are also involved in social activities-to spread awareness about societal concerns. The parents want a kid’s room that they can grow into and which interests them for the coming years. Parin and Taran are energetic brothers. They play the violin, guitar, and tennis.
Their kid’s room looks classy with a white and wood theme and strokes of pastel shades. The comforting bunk bed space with cushions and blanket is perfect for a sound sleep while listening to bedtime stories. Designed with a subtle Avenger theme, the wardrobe has superhero logos. There is a whiteboard wall to pen down the to-do list and for art. The front-facing book displays and cupboards for storage of guitar, violin, and tennis rackets make the kids get into the habit of being organized and sorted.

Sky Paradise Kid's Room

The kid's room has a queen size bed with a velvet headboard and the name etched over the bed. The animal theme room has giraffe and bear handles for the wardrobe. The loft area, pillared with stairs and a slide, is perfect for fun activities.

The kid’s bedroom with soft hues presents a pleasant vibe. There is generous bed space for the girl and the parent to sleep with comforting cushions and a blanket for a cozy sleep. The colorful stairs lead to the pretty loft area that has a solar system rooftop and wall board games. And slide down to the study table after playing for some learning time. It has an integrated bookshelf with shelves, a pin-up board, and a whiteboard. A panda- mirror, a galaxy ceiling with butterfly lights, an animal-theme wardrobe, and cute pillows of stars and clouds complete the appearance of Aadhini’s kid bedroom.

Sky and Sun Kid's Room

The vibrant kid’s room with a splash of blue and yellow with a white base has a comfortable bed and a loft area with a little window, board games, and cushions. The rope climber by the stair and the slide are the fun elements of the room.

The bright kid’s room interiors roll out the athletic ambiance. Vivian is a cool kid who loves to jump, climb, run, and do everything that has to do with muscle exercise. He likes to play with cars and trucks. His parents wanted a room to keep him occupied with his toys, games, and learning.
Vivian’s bright room is the calling for a fun time. The bed parallel to the loft is space-saving, making space for stretching and playing. The color theme, blue and yellow, makes the room look vibrant. The wardrobe, the stair, and the slide storage suffice for his toys and other belongings.
The slide and stair to the loft add to the little adventures in his land. The study table with bookshelves and pin-up boards creates a learning atmosphere. The car knobs of the wardrobe, the world map on the headboard, and the window blind are the positives for the kid’s room aesthetics.

La La Land Kid's Room

A fairy tale themed room with animal camping wallpaper, a swing, and a floor-level bed is both a kid’s bedroom and a kid’s playroom. The loft area has games and two windows. The bunny mirror at the dressing, the swing to sway, and the study table complete the kid’s room.

A beautiful play kid’s bedroom for Nila! A ground-level bed with a rainbow headboard and wallpaper featuring snow-capped mountains is in the room. The loft has a mini balcony and windows. It has a front-facing bookshelf and wall board games. The girl can slide down to the study table and activity sections in the room, filled with a blackboard and a swing. The unicorn on the wall by the slide, the reindeer study wall, and the animal camp wallpaper over the dressing space sprinkles cuteness in the bedroom. The galaxy ceiling, the window blinds, and the colorful hues of the room are perfect for the little girl's magical world.

Pretty pink and Teal Blue Kid's Room

The parents of Sanvriti and Ritwik had us design two rooms for their tots, one for the teenager and one for the little princess because the adolescent needed seclusion and the young princess needed a lovely chamber.

Pink pretty kid’s room interior with unicorn room wallpaper, stairs cum storage to the loft area with board games, comfortable bed with side tables, dressing space, and a study table for the girl.

Sanvriti's room is inviting, with a unicorn on the wall and closet, as well as colorful steps leading up to the play loft. Lighting is an important aspect in making a space appear bright, and the cloud lights are perfect for the purpose. A study desk, and a whiteboard, along with the bookshelf made it look complete. It is the small things that add to the beauty, and the pretty butterfly knobs, star, and rainbow over the headboard made the room look lovely for the princess.

A teal-blue theme kid’s room interior for the boy, with sports and guitar décor. A bedroom bench by the window, cushioned bed with side tables, and a convenient study table.

Ritwik, a guitar and sports fan, had his room designed according to his likes and preferences, down to the smallest details like the draw handles to the royal bed that adds to the space's elegance. There is a basketball board and a study area with a wall-mounted tv, where entertainment and studies go hand-in-hand.

At Magical Nest, we delicately and empathetically design with you, your kid’s room. Let us tour the rooms we have created in and around the city of Chennai.

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