The impact of extreme screen time on kids and how to reduce it

4 kids using screens of mobile and ipad with cation - Ill effects of electronic devices on kids and how to reduce it.

4 kids using screens of mobile and ipad with cation - Ill effects of electronic devices on kids and how to reduce it.

Screen time is snatching away precious time from kids. Online classes were the inevitable reason to glue the eyes on the screen. That time has sailed, and fortunately, the world is now offline. Parents! Make sure your kid looks at the world through a non-screen view. Playing like Tom and Jerry on the street with friends, making sand castles on the beach, engaging in household chores, conversations with family, gardening, and spending time with nature-everything that does not include blue light.


The image illustrates isolation. Two kids are playing together while the other one is sitting alone with the ipad.

Kids distance themselves from mingling with people as gadgets replace them with games and videos, which seem more interesting and exciting than social interaction. This habit eventually leads to feelings of loneliness and sadness. Hence, socializing should be emphasized for better bonding with friends and family.


The image illustrates Distraction. The boy is with a book but his mind is wandering showing lack of attention.

Electronic gadgets think they have the superpower to control minds with their mesmerizing screens. They do not motivate learning, block homework assignments with their shield of addictive videos, and say no to group play. And it is time to burst the bubble and show them they are not smarter as they think. Gradually decreasing the use of these gadgets will help kids to focus on themselves and their healthy well-being.


The image illustrates stagnation. Every activity of the boy revolves around his gadget.

A robotic routine becomes monotonous. Gadgets do not allow kids to form a hobby of their interests. It curbs their interests and passions, which may lead to a lack of productivity and efforts to improve themselves.


The image illustrates agitation. The boy is crying because his mother took away the phone from him in order to limit his screen time.

Taking away kids' ipads or phones or telling them not to play with them for long may lead to temper tantrums. They feel agitated, which makes them angry and irritable. Their mood swings affect their daily activities.


The image illustrates poor physical and mental health. The girl seems very dull and inactive.

Exposure to screens for an indefinite time has ill effects on mental and physical health as well. Kids that become over-dependent on phones or ipads affect their overall development. Their sleep cycle is disturbed, and eating habits get altered, which harms their health. It compromises socializing and communication, influencing a negative impact on the mind and body.

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Kids start using gadgets because they are bored and there is not much to do. As a Kids’ Room Designing Company, we want to ensure that your little kiddos live their childhood to the fullest by creating a space as unique as theirs to explore and to become the best version of themselves. There are distinctive ways in which the Magical Nest provides itself to keep up with your kid’s energy and passion.

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It is not possible to completely avoid gadgets but the time spent on the same can be supervised by parents. Let us not let these screen robots eat away our kid’s smart brains and for creating a personalized kid’s room, do reach out to us!

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