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Magical nest designed our son’s room and and his special request was car bed and car theme. Magical nest was very professional team to work with. They are very transparent with costing of the project. I was given a clear picture of the entire process of working, right in the beginning, which helped me take better decisions.

The best part was, the number of options they presented to me, to get started with. And then all my interests were beautifully captured and executed right on time. Customisation and the detailing to the very minute level is extraordinary.

My heartfelt appreciation and Thanks to the entire team. All the very best guys. My sons adores his room what more can I say . Thank you so much.

- Kriti Salian (on Google)

I wanted to get my kids bedroom done by magical nest from the time i did not even have a kid..;)

To be honest the process from designing to execution definitely took a lot of time but the outcome is great.. the room looks beautiful.. thank u Rahul rohit and the magicalnest team :)

- Surbhi Agrawal (on Google)

Good design and concepts. Any size of the room, there is a design. They live by the name truly Magical. My 18 months old son is very happy and gives us some time to relax. Kudos team

- Arun Kumar V (on Facebook)

My 2 boys, 7 and 4 had always wanted a bunk bed and we were very skepticle about buying one, if they would really use it. However started our search and found these beautiful looking beds with slide. Me and my kids both fell in love with the bed. It was worth the investment...My boys love to go up on the bed and read their books...thats their private reading corner. And do need to mention, we hop on with them too! Thanks Magical Nest for a fabulous job

- Sheena Wadhera (on Google)

Magical Nest has made it so easy to transform kids room. They did an amazing job within the constraints of space and gave me everything that I need. The quality is top class and perfect fittings. Kids loved the room. Definitely recommended.

- Mythri A (on Google)

Hi all, I ordered a Ray Bunk Bed from Magical nest on Jan 14th and it was delivered just today.. I know very long time.. but let me tell you guys that throughout the process they never fail to communicate, they always got back with an update, and to be very honest just when I was getting really worried .. the item was delivered 
.. I was really happy to see the bed.. it was strong and sturdy.. exactly as I imagined.. I’m sure my daughter will love it.. I only hope that all the parents out there use the service magical nest provides.. of course, a bit of patience is needed, but the end product and feel is really good.. I’m really happy that I chose them.. really looking forward to order more items..

One special advice to Magical nest.. I am a special educator and I will be recommending lots of parents about your site but do plan on making an experience centre here in Bangalore where parents can visit and see the products because still not many parents are confident about something that’s online and for them trusting may be an issue. I can confidently tell you that u will be making lots of children very happy with your idea and services so pls expand yourself into the cities with experience centres .. thank you again.

- Shahnaz Begum (on Facebook)

We loved the design of the Locus Loft Bed with Stairs on the website of Magical Nest and immediately placed an order for the same in Jan 2022. The wait for the delivery went beyond the March 2022 timeline by a couple of weeks. Was given to understand there were some logistical issues relating to outstation transportation which added to the overall timeline.

That said, the wait was well worth it. The finished product was truly superb. Must also add that the installation team did a very professional job.

Reducing one star for the late delivery, though the quality of the product was top class supported by an efficient installation on-site.

Thank you and well done to the Magical Nest team.

- Archana Sreenivas (on Google)

My daughter absolutely loves her room designed by magical nest! 😊I have had many great reviews from friends who visit us, after seeing the room. From Start to finish , the work was so professional and quick. There was no deviation from design, they delivered what they promised. Both Rahul and Rohit were prompt and accomodative.

I have used the slide more than her , i think 😁 (that much sturdy and tempting)

I cannot thank them enough to do all this amidst a pandemic. Will definitely recommend them to all my friends 👍

- Aruna V (on Google)

Magical Nest put together a plan that they saw through rather well. As a process it is long-drawn but it comes together well with the team. I had a good experience and would recommend them.

- Tanya Chaitanya (on Facebook)

Magical Nest really do magic for your Kid’s room. Very Professional, Great designs and execution.

Had an awesome experience overall, Would highly recommend.

- Vipul Sood (on Facebook) 

I got my kids bunk bed custom made from Magical nest over 2 years ago. It was made just as requested and is very durable and sturdy. It hasn’t made a single creek sound till today despite a lot of jumping up and down.

- Keerthi Sri (on Google)

We got our kids room designed and executed by Magical Nest. It has been a great experience dealing with Magical Nest & Team and would highly recommend them to get kids room designed. Rohit & Team went over and above their scope of work to make the room perfect. I am really looking forward to my kids enjoying their new bedroom. Thanks again Magical Nest & keep up the great work!!

- Pooja Agarwal (on Google)

The outcome of the room is wow. The kids room design is the highlight of the house. They design the room like dream come true.


* We need to pay a some minimum amount for initial design which will be adjusted in the cost if you proceed.

* They will take the requirements and come up with a basic design and the approximate cost.

* Once you are comfortable to proceed they will ask you to pay 50% then they will do the further design changes. Ours was in pandemic so all the communication went in online and in 2 or 3 sittings we have finalized the design. Designer Ali was very patient and show us all the different options in 3d.

* Once the design is freezed you will be given the cost with appropriate changes. Then it will be adjusted in the final bill.

* They take around 2 months for production, everything will be done at their factory, only installation will be done at the site which will take around 1 or 2 weeks. It's difficult to make changes after the design is freezed. Usually they don't accept last minute changes.

* They have tons of different elements which nobody in India can do I feel. It's a wonderful package.

* Designing our kids room was difficult since it was girl and boy combined room. So both their color choices were different. Please see the screenshots attached.

*I came accross magical nest from facebook. It's a genuine big company with different teams to go in a procedure.

* I gave one star less because getting the initial appointment with them is a little difficult .

* Initially you will feel it's costly but that feeling doesn't stay once you see the output. Design and quality are good. You are spending on a quality thing. Go ahead and give your kids the best gift of their life.

- Bheema Sweta (on Google)

We wanted to gift our grandkids a great room in my son's new house in Bangalore and this company Magical Nest didn't disappoint us at all.

My grandson had found them on YouTube and my daughter-in-law later followed them on Instagram and Facebook. After following them for few months, my son contacted them and I also remained in picture.

The pandemic did delay the proceedings and communication from the company could have been better but no complains in the end.

A few guys were outstanding in our interaction throughout. Rahul and Ankur during the initial design and estimation phase, Rohit and Girish later.

We'd like to wish the company best and look forward to them creating many more kids/parents/grandparents happy.

- Madhukar Rai (on Facebook)

My daughter absolutely love her new room designed by Magical Nest and it really looks great. Giving just 4 stars instead of 5, even though they deserve it because it got delayed in execution due to Covid and other factors. But the end result was awesome...

- Hemanth Gokavarapu (on Google)

We ordered house for our little daughter with Magical Nest and it looks really great. It has been my daughter's favorite play area :).

Magical Nest was accommodative of some minor changes we suggested and overall, did a good work to install the house. End product looks amazing after installation.

I would recommend Magical Nest as a good kids room designer.

Thanks Magical Nest :)

- Anand Jahagirdar (on Google)

One of the best kids furniture making company in India, beautiful designs, functional and safe for the most important members of the house. Every guests consider our kids room as best, because of the dedication of this company. Fully committed and professional, one of the best in the kids room interior design segment.

- Priya Goenka (on Google)

When we bought our new flat, for sure we wanted our daughter's room to be different and we had some things in our mind but we were not sure how to implement it.

Googling about the same, fortunately, came across Magical nest.

Post our Ist interaction, there was no second thought. We just got started with the team and planned to gift the room to my daughter on her 3rd birthday.

Indeed it was a pleasant surprise to her after 3 months.

She just loved it 🙂

She enjoys every bit of it.

Highly recommended Magical Nest to the kid's room designs.

Thank you, Rohit for bringing our kid's room design dream to reality.

- Shubha Shamanna (on Facebook)

We are glad that we had chosen Magical Nest to design our kid’s room. They are very professional, timely delivery (even during pandemic time) and above all, close to 100% conversion of what we saw in rendered images and actual implementation.

We came across Magical Nest through their Instagram page. We loved all the designs and selected few amongst the large catalogue of designs. During our initial conversations, we provided them the list of our wants and that helped Rahul (& the design) team to come-up with their first cut. They were quite patient in understanding our requirements but also helped us with few innovative ideas as well.

Then came the actual implementation part. They provided a detailed plan with the list of tasks and tentative date when they were going to do what. The carpenters, electricians ect from different teams awere all very professional and have done a very neat job. We are super happy with the outcome and kids are very excited about their rooms.

At the end, I would like to provide our special thanks to Rohit who leads the Implementation team and Pasha who handled day to day tasks at our site. Yes, we too faced few issues/glitches during implementation time, but Rohit never complained but instead tried to understand those issues, provided solutions, and fixed them in a very short time.

Overall a very happy and satisfied customer. We will highly recommend Magical Nest if you are looking innovative and quality work for your kids room!

- Ishita Choudhury (on Google)

We ordered a house for our little daughter with Magical Nest and it looks really great. It has been my daughter's favourite play area 🙂.

Magical Nest was accommodative of some minor changes we suggested and overall, did a good work to install the house. End product looks amazing after installation.

I would recommend Magical Nest as a good kids room designer.

Thanks Magical Nest 🙂

- Shwetha Udupi (on Facebook)

A wonderland abode curated by Magical Nest team for my Niece ; they put your ideas into reality...a must checkout place.

- Bhumika Detani (on Google)

Got My daughter's room done my magical nest and they have achieved close to 100 percent in whatever plan they have shown during initial stages. Rohit from magical nest is very understanding and was able to deliver and incorporate all the little details we asked for. Thanks to the team in delivering our dream project

- Neetha S (on Google)

Got our children's room done by Magical Nest recently. We loved their designs, they customized it to fit our requirement. Once the design was finalized, the team stuck to the timelines that we had agreed upon. We were also provided with a daily work plan - was very helpful. We did have some minor issues due to communication gap but Rohit and Rahul were quick to address those and to our satisfaction. In fact, Rohit visited our place within an hour to ensure that the issue was fixed.

The kids were thrilled when they were first allowed in their room and since then, their love for the room has only grown. There is lots of storage and my son is finally interested in keeping his room clean and organized. It's also my favourite room in the house. :)

Nice concept, very well implemented and amazing service. Thank you, Magical Nest!

- Jyoti Gulia (on Google)

Magical Nest provides a dream world for kids. They are professional, courteous and accommodate customer suggestions and requirements in making a wonderland for your kid/kids. We would highly recommend their services.

From designing to execution it was exactly how we had visualized.

Thank you Magical Nest for creating a dreamworld for our son

- Neha Jain (on Google)

When we bought our new flat, for sure we wanted our dayughter's room to be different and we had somethings in our mind but we were not sure how to implement it.

Googling about the same, fortunately came across Magical nest.

Post our Ist interaction, there was no second thought. We just got started with the team and planned to gift the room to my daughter on her 3rd birthday.

Indeed it was a pleasnt surpraised to her after 3 months.

She just loved it :-)

She enjoyes every bit of it.

Highly recommended Magical Nest to the kid's room designs.

Thank you Rohit for bringing our kid's room design dream to reality.

- Shubha Dharmendran (on Google)

The Magical nest team is awesome. They gave a personalized treatment to my order. The communication to the customers plays a vital role in keeping the customer happy and informed and comfortable. I had ordered the activity table for my niece's and they loved it. It's important to provide the right tools for kids to explore on their own in the growing period. The products from Magical Nest does the same - simple yet functional and budget friendly. Looking forward for more innovative products from the team.

Thanks again :)

- Roopa Mysore (on Google)

We are really happy that we went ahead with magical nest for our kids room. Everyone who visits our house never failed to appreciate the design. We had our initial hiccups while interacting with Rahul (which made us regret our decision) but once Rohit pitched in it was a smooth sail and we definitely recommend magical nest. If not for the initial troubles we had I would have given a 5star for the magic they created for us. Thanks a lot Chandrakanth and Girish for making the installation hassle free according to our comfort and availability.

- Radhika Sekar (on Google)

Hi Magical Nest team,

Wow!! What a room!!

The reaction we received from our little ones when they actually saw their own little magical nest itself talks tonsss about the magic your concept has created in their innocent, creative and colorful world by adding more colors and creativity along with a magical touch of functional, space utilizing nooks and corners...


When we first discovered your FB page last year, we just fell in love with your work and today when we actually own it, we are a prouder and a happier family.... 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💃🏼💃🏼

Thanks Rahul and Rohit for the design and execution of the project! Your team did a great job in installing the whole room smoothly and handing over the room in perfect ready to occupy state... 👍🤝

Wishing Magical nest all the very best and keep spreading your presence and magic more and more!!!🥳🥳😊

- Archana Madhusudan (on Facebook)

Magical nest has completed one of my dream come true… they are best kids room specialist in India .. one of the best designers … and doing so creatively in each and every corner… they are doing so gud .. first they will give you 3d so that you can imagine your dreamworld.. colours selection, quality and maintenance free structure .. and specially safe design for your kids … my kids are so happy..and kids who are coming .. they are also not leaving the place ..

- Shailja Manoj Jain (on Google)

Team of professionals, they deliver what they promise, even though it was a long wait its worth waiting..Ultimately kids enjoyed the room which gives the satisfaction for the effort and money spent...Unique product and i think no does kids room better like this in India..keep up the good work

- LimeStone Investments (on Google)

The entire process has been hassle free and smooth. There were delay’s which was expected however the timeline of assembly was perfect for us.

Magical nest has been the only firm where we literally just sat back after giving our requirements and everything else was taken care of from planning, designing to assembly.

Rohit always replied promptly for any of our queries and Girish made sure that assembly went smooth.

After the manufacturing it took them just 3 day’s to assemble however would have appreciated if the staff cleaned before they left.

I would definitely recommend magical nest , i am sure no other designing firm can do what they are doing right now.

Keep up the great work and thank you.

- Akanksha Shetty (on Google)

The new normal meant that the toddlers had to stay home when they needed to visit parks, play with other kids. I wanted this so badly for my kid and I entrusted this to Magical Nest team. Can we make it happen indoors / in his room ?

We decided on the Ronnomessi bed with the slide and it is one of the best decisions in these tough times !! My kid is playing, organizing things in the storing space provided and helping us even make the bed now 😅

So those are lot of good things/qualities going for him there and all thanks to the Magical Nest team !! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙏🏻

The only advise to the potential customers - be patient with the timelines and let the Magic happen cuz its worth the wait !! 😀

- Guru Prasad (on Facebook)

We have recently developed 3 rooms from Magical Nest - for our Boy - 9years old ; Girl - 4yrs old and infant baby Girl... The rooms were designed very uniquely by Rahul and catered excellently to the requirements of each of the kids in terms of utility, function, and design. The quality of the construction is truly exceptional, and the finish of each piece of furniture is splendid!

I am really glad that we had finalised our kids' rooms with Magical Nest - after design finalisation, all fabrication works, electrical, false ceiling, furniture assembly, painting and finishing touches were carried out very systematically by Rohit and team, and the end product was delivered exactly as per the design .

You guys are at the top of your game and truly have set the bar very high in this industry!!

Keep up the good work!!

- Avinash Pai (on Facebook)

I am very happy with the trundle bed that I ordered for my son from magical nest. The best thing was that they were able to customize it for me to make it into a king size bed when it was in its expanded state - this is a big plus because my tall husband can fit into the bed comfortably. During the manufacturing of the bed they shared rendered pictures with me and were able to make any changes that I asked for. They delivered the product on time as well.

- Ayesha Gopal (on Facebook)

We had a great experience with magicalnest for our daughter’s bed which we planned as her gift! The workmanship and quality is quite impressive and we had a smooth experience overall.

- Rashmi Bhat (on Google)

Very satisfied with Magical Nest’s delivery, creativity and professionalism. Rahul and other team members pulled it off just in time when we thought they’d miss the deadline. Super happy kids and their friends. Most recommended.

- Padmashree BR (on Google)

So I took my time to review magical nest...like I did before I actually hired them. I had been following their page for almost 2 years before I had the opportunity to use their services. The pictures they had put up were obviously fantastic! So I went ahead and contacted them n got started on an amalgamation of their concepts and my requirements. After a few very detailed discussions we came up with the design I had in mind and we all liked and approved of! But Would the actual work match the rendered images? Well...

Budgets were discussed. Then work started. After a month or so I was sent the timeline of the on-sight work. Honestly, that’s where my amazement truly began. The onsight work began and the different groups that came in for different work were all professional, clean and very efficient at their work. They followed the timeline. They had very clear instructions they followed and just went on with their work without causing us any trouble while we lived in the same apartment where the work progressed! They hit upon glitches for sure but never complained! Went ahead found Sollutions without compromising on design or quality! Due to unforeseen circumstances and unscheduled holidays... the work got delayed by 3 days! That’s all!! I was amazed as how effectively they stuck to the timeline. And the result... spectacular! I don’t even have to say how thrilled my 5 year old daughter was. How delighted all of us were at the beautiful outcome. Every lil detail that was there in the design was right in front of us in real. It was not only pretty but also functional. Every lil space was used very well with lots n lots of storage space. Trundle bed is super comfortable as me n my husband slept in it for a month while our room got renovated.

Today, after using the room for a good 5 months, I can also vouch for the quality of work! They haven’t just got the room right aesthetically but also in functionality! Kudos team Magical Nest! U have earned our vote forever!

- Shweta Goyal (on Google)

What a team !! So satisfied after getting my daughter's magical room by them.. it was a perfect decision to go with magical nest for her room.. I always wanted her room to be beautiful and different.. magical nest had just done that for us.. starting from design to execution, communication, transparency everything was perfect.. superbly managed by Rahul and Rohit..

Very happy to be part of this team.. I would always recommend to go with Magical Nest blindly if anyone wants their kids' room to be magical, magnificent and different.

- Sharmistha Chakraborty Vyas (on Facebook)

Got my kids bed room interiors .. the best with lots of options in all aspects ...

- Archana Basavanagouda (on Facebook)

Extremely happy with the way my sons room turned out ! Rohit and Rahul were professional and punctual, definitely recommend Magical Nest to my friends and family.

- Uzma Gibran Ahmed (on Facebook)

Magical Nest is a professionally managed company. The designer teams is very creative and deliver the design as visualised by clients. The project delivery team is process driven starting with publishing Project Schedule and delivering as per the milestones. All the furniture’s are modular and finished with highest standards at their factory and supplied to site. The site executing team assembles and finishes the job in no time. Majority of time is manufacturing at factory and assembling and finishing at time will be just a weeks time.

The team is very patient and deliver the project hassle free. The owners of the company Rahul and Rohit who coordinate and over look the project are very cooperative and understanding. They are very committed to the passionate about what they are doing.

I strongly recommend them for the kids furniture’s you will be looking for. I wish them good luck and all the best.

- Deepak Sreenivas  (on Facebook)

Absolutely fabulous service, craftsmanship and customer engagement.

I was hesitant at the beginning to custom order without ever meeting the team or seeing a single drawing... this was way before Covid 19 - but you guys know your stuff and We are so happy with the result. Even though there was lockdown you guys took every effort to stay connected and keep us updated and the minute it was possible our product was delivered and installed and all help provided.

Thank you team magical nest. You have one more happy family in your group.

Best Arpita

- Arpita Sen (on Facebook)

I am really happy with the way magical nest has designed my son's room. Quality of work is great and worth it.. My son loves to spend most of his time in his room..

- Shruthi H  (on Google)

Have no words. My tons of thanks n gratitude to Magical Nest. I had ordered a customized cot, study table n a book stand which arrived much on time but I had to make MN on a very long wait for almost an year due to some personal issue. All the while, i had just 1 thing in mind...my daughter's room...Hving paid more than 50% I didnt know how to go bout it since I was not in a position to correspond during this 1 year...To my relief MN had been patiently waiting for me n had placed my items safe in their storage for so long although it was a huge inconvienience for them. After checking with Mr.

Rohit, the order was very well delivered on time n gt it assembled too the next day...

My sincere thanks..my childs room luks heavenly..MN is my number 1 choice and yes my big thanks to Mr. Rohit once again.

- Smitha Viswanathan (on Google)

Thank you Magical Nest for making our kids play-area like how we imagined it to be and making sure every aspect was safe and functional for our kids.

You’ll met all requirements, timely dispatch and assembling was done very professionally.

- Roshni Singh  (on Google)

Thanks a lot to you, Rahul, Rohit and your entire team for your interior work. We are impressed with your output. And anybody who visits our house never fails to ask the question "who designed this room". And your brand "Magical Nest" is very popular amongst our family and friends. Keep up your good work.

- Karthika Madan (on Google)

Extremely happy and satisfied with the work done by Magical Nest. The room came up exactly as was seen in the renders. Quality also is top notch. My son has been using the room since 3 months now, and I waited to post my feedback. But can confidently say - that Magical Nest provided seamless execution, minimal hassles, absolutely on-time deliveries without delays, and a vibrant room with top most quality and utmost perfection.

Thank You Magical Nest 🙂

- Priyanka Malik (on Facebook)

Thank you Rahul & Rohit and the entire magical nest team for partnering with us to design our 2.5yrs old sons bedroom... it was an excellent experience right from the initial discussion to designing & executing the prefect bedroom for my Son! The complete journey was smooth & seamless without any issues or delay... Recommend this highly professional team to make over your Kidd’s room... thanks once again!!

- Nandini Anoop (on Facebook)

Extremely happy and satisfied with the work done by Magical Nest. The room came up exactly as was seen in the renders. Quality also is top notch. My son has been using the room since 3 months now, and I waited to post my feedback. But can confidently say - that Magical Nest provided seamless execution, minimal hassles, absolutely on-time deliveries without delays, and a vibrant room with top most quality and utmost perfection.

Thank You Magical Nest 🙂

- Kiran Raghupathy (on Facebook)

We intend to extend heartfelt thanks to Rohit ,Rahul and whole execution team of Magical Nest to design and execute beautiful room for our 7 years daughter. The team was professional to the core and committed to quality and timely delivery. Not only the kids room they also helped us with other rooms where the work was messed by Livspace.

- Sangeeta Arora (on Facebook)

Rahul lives up to his promise of making kids room "the most important room in the house". Amazing and Unique ideas for the kids room, and the support and follow up are awesome. Keep up the good work.

- Sripathy Venkateswaran (on Google)

Great team work.. who has done a awesome job on designing our kids cot according to his requirement.. happy to see the way he enjoys and plays. Need to the specially mention the carpenter who came to assemble the cot was very skilled and talented.. Very professional, the way things got delivered and the way it was assembled, the way the work was finished and handed over.. continue the great work, and come up with more ideas:)

- Nithya Babu (on Google)