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Ignite your little one's imagination with Magical Nest's collection of whimsical kids' lighting. Our ceiling fixtures are not just sources of light but gateways to adventures, featuring playful designs like speedy cars and soaring airplanes. Each piece is carefully crafted to bring joy and light to your child's space, ensuring their room is a bright place for play, learning, and restful sleep. Find the perfect lighting to reflect your child's personality and interests with Magical Nest.

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Modern kid's room with soccer-themed decor featuring a geometric triangle wallpaper, soccer ball ceiling light, sports rug, and green curtains overlooking a cityscape.
StrikerStar Glow Ceiling Light Sale price Rs. 14,800.00 Regular priceRs. 20,500.00
Modern children's room with traffic signal wallpaper, soft grey curtains, and a playful airplane ceiling light, with a view of the city skyline.
Herbie Glow Ceiling Light Sale price Rs. 14,800.00 Regular priceRs. 20,500.00
Bright and airy child's room with traffic signal-themed wallpaper, modern airplane ceiling light, and grey striped drapes, offering a playful yet calm space with a view of the cityscape.
AeroDream Glow Ceiling Light Sale price Rs. 14,800.00 Regular priceRs. 20,500.00
Child's bedroom with cloud-patterned wallpaper in soft pastel colors, complemented by striped wainscoting and a cloud-shaped ceiling light.
Dreamy Nimbus Glow Ceiling Light Sale priceFrom Rs. 13,200.00
A child's room with a butterfly-themed FlutterGlow ceiling light, pink butterfly wallpaper, and modern striped wainscoting by a sunny window.
FlutterGlow Ceiling Light Sale price Rs. 14,200.00 Regular priceRs. 20,000.00


At Magical Nest, we don’t make products that are just beautiful to look at; they all have a purpose and are designed to improve children’s lives in one way or the other. Originally, this was the quest from where it all began for the team at Magical Nest.


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