How to select colours for your kid’s room?

Pink-themed kids’ room in India with a dreamland wallpaper, hut-shaped wall-shelf and the world map blinds.

Looking for a rainbow on a sunny day amidst drizzle is a joy! Colours evoke emotions. They bring back memories and surely have an impact on the creation of the same. Each colour carries meaning and shapes our perceptions and personalities. An introverted child may feel comfortable with soothing colours while an extroverted child may feel energised when surrounded by radiant colours. colours are not gender-stereotyped when it comes to kids. Choices have gone beyond blue for boys and pink for girls. But it is not true that once we have a favourite colour, it remains the same for the rest of our lives.

So how do we choose a colour for children’s bedrooms as they are ever-growing and their preferences keep rolling with each phase of their growth? This is one of the many reasons why kids get amused with colours, and why their toys and dolls are colourful. Because they are still in the exploring phase, hence they need to see it all to choose their favourite. That doesn’t mean their rooms are splashed with every colour on the palette to make them look colourful. With time, children do pick their favourite colours.

Here are a few of the colours we chose to discuss their meaning and influence.

Snow White

Kid’s room in India with white theme, a blend of cream and brown giving the room a poised look.

White is a timeless classic representing tranquillity. White, similar to water, gracefully accepts anything with it. It is about how the colour functions as a pillar, allowing the other hue to shine through while enhancing the appearance of the room making it look more open and spacious. If you are looking to bring tranquillity and calmness into your kid’s room then do consider playing with white.

Lightning McQueen Red

A red car-shaped independent bed for the siblings with a loft area and the study table.

Radiant, bold, and powerful. Do these describe your little one? These are the words that strike the mind when we see the colour red. When on the walls, it gives the room a daring look, complimenting the courageous personality of your kid.  As with any other powerful colour, be careful with overuse. Too much red can also queer the vibe of the room. If red is your kid’s favourite colour, then combining it with other subtle shades to balance the tone does the trick.

Periwinkle Purple

An elegant lavender-themed kid’s bedroom in India with a world map over the headboard and a play area.

The colour purple quietly yet significantly carries luxury and royalty and portrays ambition and wisdom. The kid's bedroom with lilac walls illuminates royalty, and powers calmness. The purpleness of the room intends to appease the vigorous mind of the kid, also favouring the kid to focus better on academics and providing an atmosphere for a goodnight's sleep. Purple is also the colour of magic, so splatter it on the walls to bring charm to your prince or princess’s room.

Mr. Peanut Butter Yellow

A kid’s room in India with a yellow tint on the stairs to the loft and the wardrobe with a butterfly handle.

Sunshine always endorses itself with a pleasant feeling. Getting into a yellow-painted kid’s room evokes cheerfulness as the colour portrays happiness and warmth. Yellow is a gender-neutral colour. However, getting the whole room painted yellow could be overwhelming for your little ones. Mixing it with grey, white or any other cooler shade mellows down the room's atmosphere and makes it a perfect kid's bedroom.

Lush Green

Kid’s room with a comfortable green bed and a patterned headboard, play area by the side, and a loft.

Indoor plants have been the talk of the town in recent days as a form of decor and more importantly, for the kind of vibe they create in the space. The colour green is associated with growth, harmony, and balance. This natural colour also has a positive effect on the child's reading and comprehension skills. You can combine this with brown to create the jungle or animal themes in your kid’s room.

Aquaman Blue

A Blue-themed room with rock climbing by the bed and a rope walk over and a study table.

There is a range of emotions and personalities tied to the colour blue. From imagination, intuition, and sensitivity to loyalty, confidence, and wisdom, the colour blue signifies most of the qualities related to freedom. Children usually are tiny packets of energy, having strokes of blue on their room walls is said to calm them. Blue colour also goes well with most of the themes from sky to oceans and hence you can never go wrong with it in your kid’s room.

Aurora Pink

Pink-themed kids’ room with a dreamland wallpaper, hut-shaped wall-shelf and the world map blinds.

The walls of the kid's room can proudly embrace the colour pink because it is the colour that represents kindness and generosity. And there is no stereotype when it comes to instilling positive emotions to raise children healthily. The fairytale embraces the dreamy pastel pinks and so, which kid would not be eager to listen to fantasy stories with unicorns, palaces and so on…

The colours in the room enhance its aesthetics, but furniture and other elements capture the attention while designing the space. Giving the colours the same importance as other aspects gives your kid's room a wholesome appearance. Our experts at Magical Nest will work closely with you to understand your preferences and leverage colours to make the kid’s room of your dreams a reality.

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