5 activities for kids to do inside their kid’s room this summer

Kids playing Hide&Seek in the artily crafted room with hide-out spaces.

It is that time of the year again! The Summer Vacation! The pandemic has taken our lives over a swirl with the daily routine being disrupted, especially that of the children. Online classes and locked up in homes were the new normal. The everyday activities had gone haywire until recently when the schools re-opened. Going back to Wakey-Wakey, it’s time for school and Welcome home again, what new did you learn today, the routine is slowly getting back to the way it is supposed to be. And this is the first summer holiday after two odd years. So here we have suggestions for your tiny tots, some fun activities to get away with boredom holidays. But before that let us understand the importance of play and how it has a positive effect on children.

A well-known psychologist, Lev Vygotsky, whose work on the psychological development of children is quite notable, says that play is an important part of early childhood as it promotes cognitive, social, and emotional development. There is learning that happens in every kind of play, and young children indulge in various mediums of communication through play. Children are active participants in building their understanding of their environment. Their mind acts like a sponge, grasping as much information as possible.

Kid's Activity 1 - The Little Hulk

The activity area in the kid’s room. Wall-climbing with colorful rocks, ropes, and ladders for the playful kids

Physical play helps in the improvement of fine and gross motor skills. Running, jumping, and other muscles-in-action activities yield an energized mind and the body. Is it too sunny out there to play? How about having to play all those outdoor games inside your room? A room is a space to grow through all dimensions. Magical nest designs the kid’s room space in a way so it has room for all those fun games under one roof.

The kids are playing basketball in the room. One of them is trying to shoot it to the basket while the other is holding onto the wall climber to stop the ball.

Basketball, monkey bars, and wall-climbing - to play along with friends and cousins. What is a game if it doesn’t have a prank in it? Make teams, get hold of the wall climber and basket the ball! Escape to the other side of the room holding onto the monkey bar.

Oh! There is another game. Color-color which color do you choose? Keep a timer, and watch out for how quickly you can climb onto the chosen color rock on the wall climber. Isn’t it amazing how various games can be played inside the room that gives you the playground kind of feel?

Kid's Activity 2 - Ferb Fletcher

The loft area in the room has various wall-board games and beneath is the lego wall for its kid fan.

“Listen to me kid, finish all your homework and reading, then I will let you play as much as you want!” Isn’t this the line used by most parents (including mine!) to get the child to complete his/her schoolwork? But giving the child frequent opportunities for free play leads to better performance in academic tasks. From improving memory and attention to enhancing language skills and problem-solving abilities, indulging in play activities does wonders in the child’s development process.

The siblings are playing with building blocks while relaxing on the comfortable floor rug.

Games that need the child to think boost creativity. Kids own a magical room. Building blocks, Lego, Puzzles, and Board games... You need not wonder if we are talking about a room or a playhouse! We are surely talking about the kid’s bedroom. After evening snacks, the tiny energy packets, relax on the designed-for-you floor rug to begin constructing room roof scrapers. Ask your Lego buddies for help (only if you have already created them, HAHA). Such a time taking task needs a break. Climb up to the loft area and get started with the board games. Is it the king-queen-soldiers or snake and ladder?

Kid's Activity 3 - Magic Pot

A white and a black artboard on the wall for the kids to showcase their drawings with an overhead loft area for other board games.

Aren’t colors the most attractive? Any kid will get drawn to a vibrant sight. Drawing and Painting are those among the meaningful means of communication, especially with children. This form of leisure is beyond just a pass-time. Art encourages imaginative thinking and the observation skills are in the play as well. Art need not restrict to crayons and paints. Rhymes and poems are equally fun and artistic.

Brother and sister doing their art on the board by looking at nature through the window.

Art is an activity that gels well among siblings, friends, and who not. The artboard on the wall is all the needed space for creating and expressing. Games can also be played through art. Draw a picture and ask the younger sibling to guess it. It is both fun and learning is also possible for their pre-school classes. Or draw the window view and call Mumma and Pappa to show off the sketch! Let the younger sibling sing a rhyme and the elder one draw the theme of the same! Not every drawing is planned. A favorite doodle you want to preserve? Draw it on a sheet of paper and pin it up on the pin-up board. Things to do with colors is a long list I see…

Kid's Activity 4 - Hakuna Matata

A cozy compact room with a loft area. This space gives enough room for the kids to play around indoors.

Fun is the sole motivation for play. Children play games because it is amusing for them. Summer and rains needn’t any longer be the reason to stay indoors and endure boredom. Because, the FUN-ctional room gives homes the space for games like Hide&Seek, Peek-a-Boo, and oh! The Treasure Hunt (the storage spaces are the secret holders).

Kids playing Hide&Seek in the artily crafted room with hide-out spaces.

The kid’s room is an all-in-one space for learning and fun. The tiny tots can HIDE over the loft area or by the bed, behind the pretty blinds, or under the study desk, while the other buddy can SEEK you. The fancy storage cabins, inside the personalized wardrobes or the wall shelves, can be the hide-outs for the treasure hunt game. Why not play hopscotch over the colored-floor rug as well?

Kid's Activity 5 - SuperHuman

A spacious kid’s room with a loft area that has a small balcony for the plants.

For kids, vacation is to have fun, agreed! But it is also the time phase for them to learn their household responsibilities. When schools are functioning, the days are monotonous. Starting with waking up-school assignments and ending with sleep, where there is little to no time for any other activity. Holidays are the time kids are at home and they are in close view of what their parents do.  It is important to understand the roles of the family members in the house. As kids, it is easier to develop habits than as adults. It is important to teach children their basic duties and let them take authority over their space. Doing house chores is as important as learning lessons at school. But directing small kids to do something is a task. It is said, children watch and learn.

Siblings taking responsibility for the household chores. The elder sister is baking while the little brother is watering the plants.

Role modeling can be exciting and is also one of the best ways to be in the other person’s shoes. The kid can dress up like a gardener, and water the plants. At the same time, the parent can guide the child by telling them about the plants' nourishment and what happens if they are not taken care of. The elder sibling in the house can take up baking and make something as small as cupcakes for evening tea. Through this, they will understand the effort behind cooking and inculcate the habit of respecting food and thinking twice before leaving anything on the plate. And the younger sibling learns from the elder one and this is a cycle.

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