5 Awesome Kid's Room Designs in India of April 2022

The room has been designed as an exclusive play area. It has a loft area with stairs and slides on either side. The walls have artboard and board games along with ladders and ropes.

To begin with a quote, “The details are not the details. They make the design.”- Charles Eames. With every new creation, comes distinctiveness. The joy in designing a kid’s room always goes up the scale. Designing is making the best possible use of the available space and transforming it into a vibrant room to which kids are eager to come back to.

The designing team at Magical Nest considers each of their projects with passion and delicacy because Magical Rooms mean Happy parents!

Sapphire Tree kid's room

Outgrowing a choice is not something to be surprised about, especially concerning children in their growing years. Dhyaan, a 6-year-old, is a vivacious boy who has a mind for all kinds of muscle activities. His parents wanted his room to have a play space with climbers and ropes and not to forget his studies-Desk space for his online classes and homework.

The boy’s room is themed with classic white and wood with a shade of blue. There are stairs up to the loft area and an activity corner by the bed with the climber.

The room seizes the classic white and wood theme with a shade of blue. The wood-hut loft area can be climbed up to via stacked stairs-that also function as storage. The activity corner with ladder and ropes is much more fun along with a chalkboard placed on the wall for the artwork. Car art for the wardrobe and the sportistic knob for the stairs storage add to the vibe of the room.

Cap-Sofia kid's room

Creating a shared kids’ room for a boy and girl with different choices and preferences is both fun and intricate. Avyan and Anaira, aged 9 and 4 were to get their kid's room. The brother is a fan of Justice League and Avengers. He loves to play basketball and enjoys reading books. The little sister, who is still young, likes to play with dolls.

A shared room for girls. The room is a combination of purple and blue with independent study space, artboard, and wall shelves.


Bringing two different worlds under one roof, the kid’s room looks high-spirited. Individual beds with loft areas for all the fun activities give the siblings a sense of ownership. The beds are separated by stairs with a chamber that treats the feeling of togetherness. Thus, creating a balance of emotions. Not to disappoint either, Avyan has a blue-theme bed and loft area with a rocket rooftop design and avenger wall décor with his name etched over the headboard. Whereas, Anaira has a pink color bed and loft area, which is designed with a doll rooftop and magnet board games on the wall with her name over the headboard alongside a unicorn and a rainbow wall design. The wall climbers and basketball board make the kids super-active. The starry roof, cute window blinds, and the mermaid set out the fancy interiors of the kid’s room.

Elsanna kid's room

Different personalities are no barrier to a strong bond. Farah, a 13-year-old has just stepped into her teens and is inclined toward technology, and the how about. Her younger sibling Zoha, 9 years old, is bubbly and enjoys dancing and singing. She has a passion for vlogging and has a social media page to showcase her work. The parent’s wish list for their kid’s room included a wall exclusively designed as a good background for Zoha’s videos, a provision for the dollhouses, and a study desk.

Shared room for boy and girl. The room has individual beds and loft areas for the siblings with a study corner and activity space.


Moving beyond cliches-pink for girls, the room has a tone of blue and purple. A study corner gives space for mindful reading, and so there is a study desk for independent learning which also has a pin-up board and a pen board for doodling or making a study plan. Aesthetics add to the environment of the kid’s room. Twinkle star-shaped mirrors on the wardrobe, a floral wall that shines, a world map on either side of the bed, and wall shelves are part of the decor that gives a vibrant appearance to the princesses' room.

The Smurf kid's room

Shaurya and Sharath were about to receive a magical kid’s room for their birthday. The playful boys enjoy dwelling in fun-filled activities. The main elements the parent wanted in the room included storage and a king-size bed. As the boys are zestful, wall climbing and monkey bar were on the list too. Bookshelves, a loft area, and a study desk were among the other required furniture.

Room for the boy. The room has a king-size bed with a loft. There is a learning space, a bookshelf, and an activity wall with a climber.

The white theme gives a gleaming appearance to the room. The room incorporates all the elements from the wishlist of the parent. The princely bed, an activity-filled functional loft area with an artboard on the wall, and a solar system roof wall decor give a classy look. With compact space, smart storage is the way to go, hence the stairs to the loft also serve as cabins. The study desk, the book rack, and the play wall with climbers and ropes give a powerful vibe to the room. The Discover world map room wallpaper, the cute blinds, and the gray-blue-yellow color scheme add to the aesthetics.

Toddler Clubhouse kid's room

A well-known poet, Diane Ackerman says, “Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning”. This quote is apt for the kids as researchers have found that play enriches learning.

 A playhouse for the tiny tot. The room has been designed as an exclusive play area. It has a loft area with stairs and slides on either side. The walls have artboard and board games along with ladders and ropes. It has lego and building blocks with ample storage for the toys.

The word PLAY carries the feeling of joy and brings a spark to the mind. Aarvik’s playroom has just the same energy. Having a room exclusive for games and adventures is truly exciting. It is also a reason to bring home buddies for more fun. Toys, construction blocks, and storybooks abound in the room. Bringing outdoor, indoors, there are climbers and ropes. Climb up to the loft area to read books or play board games on a plush mattress. And slide down to play Lego on the table board. The appearance of the room always adds to the vibe, and so do the cloud-shaped ceiling lights and window blinds, car decor on the stair wall, and the vibrant colors creating the perfect environment for all the fun.

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Shared room for boy and girl. Independent beds of color-theme pink and blue with a long cloud-shaped headboard and a world map wallpaper, along with a bed-side table and a bench.
Kids playing Hide&Seek in the artily crafted room with hide-out spaces.

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