How does the kids room interior affect the kid?

Shared room for boy and girl. Independent beds of color-theme pink and blue with a long cloud-shaped headboard and a world map wallpaper, along with a bed-side table and a bench.

As adults, we all need our space to rejuvenate. We engage in a variety of activities to detach ourselves from external chaos, and over-burdening responsibilities, to focus on ourselves and our well-being. All of us have a practice for recreation – a coffee shop, sitting by the window with our favorite book, going for a walk to embrace nature, and so on. These activities aid in mental well-being.

Shared room for boy and girl. Independent beds of color-theme pink and blue with a long cloud-shaped headboard and a world map wallpaper, along with a bed-side table and a bench.

The primary space for kids to think, self-reflect, recharge their batteries, and grow wings to their dreams, is their bedroom. A personal space created based on their likes and preferences roots them to their true self and in discovering themselves with each passing phase. Research shows that children, whose rooms are space-structured by parents, spend less time in their rooms compared to the child’s own structured space. Childhood is a precious phase, a foundation for the coming years concerning habits and experiences because childhood affects behavior and personality into adulthood.

When is the right time to provide a separate room for your kid? The answer is simple, it is when they are ready. Pushing them into a new room or not letting them have their personal space, both practices are unhealthy. Who other than parents know the best? Based on the child’s capability to supervise themselves and take charge of their own space, parents can think about a separate room for their kids.

Under one roof, as the kid grows, they can relate to who they were and who they are becoming and this plays a greater part in understanding themselves and in developing their personality. 

According to a study by Stoecklin (1999), the building, interiors of the room, and its arrangements and selection of pieces of equipment have a profound impact on children’s behavior.

Sunshine and moonlight with breeze

Nature is a natural therapy for healthy mental well-being, it accelerates a multitude of positive emotions such as calmness and joy. Waking up to the sunrise and sleeping under the moonlight with the scent of breeze in the room does energize the body, physically and mentally, making the child feel less sleepy and with better concentration and improved logical thinking ability which is proven in a study by Tejsen,.(2015) that measured the quality of sleep and next-day performance.

Kid’s Room interior designed for two girls with an independent bed and fence-shaped cushion headboard and study space with butterfly décor on the ceiling.

A spectrum of colors

Every color is appealing and comes with the power of affecting the individual’s mood. Kids are indeed very active and need an environment to channel their energies through productive activities. Based on several studies, the colors that we are surrounded by in our daily lives, have a significant impact on our mood and conduct. (Kurt, 2014)

A compact room for the girl splashed with vibrant colored interiors, designed with stairs and slide alongside the bed with a functional loft area for play.


Play is dynamic and improves the social, cognitive, and emotional development of children. Hence, having a corner meant for physical activities and brain teasers helps the child in acquiring skills that boost confidence, self-esteem, and creativity to mention a few.

A play corner in the bedroom for all the fun with wall-climbing, ropes, and ladders.

Multi storage

Children enjoy playing with toys. But post-play, the room appears chaotic. Therefore, providing unique storage space brings enthusiasm to tidy up after play. Along with it comes a sense of responsibility for taking care of their belongings, as an organized structure leads to better focus and lesser distractions.

A close-packed cozy space for your kid with space saver storage, a chest of drawers, and stacks of shelves that gives ample compartments for all toys and things.

Infusing learning

A study table is a basic requirement for better and active learning. It creates an atmosphere that enhances the habit of studying.

Moments vanish unless they become a memory and we here at Magical Nest bond with you in building your kid’s room with love and joy, to add to the uncountable memories of your kid’s childhood.

Shades of Blue study table, that has room for all activities from writing to drawing with a wall bulletin board and a bookshelf.


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Purple theme kid’s room interior for the boy, with loft area sided by stairs and slide for play, a basketball board, and a study table.
The room has been designed as an exclusive play area. It has a loft area with stairs and slides on either side. The walls have artboard and board games along with ladders and ropes.


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