5 Awesome Child Bedroom Designs in India of March 2022

Purple theme kid’s room interior for the boy, with loft area sided by stairs and slide for play, a basketball board, and a study table.

Every parent wants to provide the best for their child. Nurturing their interests and passion is very important, which starts by providing them with a room of their own. Each child is unique and designing their bedroom according to their likes and dislikes is the root to embrace the space. 

Art is everything that enhances the beauty of a white canvas by bringing life to it through colors and textures. This is the line that goes with a toned-down room that is to be modified into a blazing one for children, as it is the space that builds the identity of the child. Here are 5 March Kids Rooms interiors that have been designed in every way possible to make it a safe and enjoyable environment for children.

Pretty pink and teal blue, Kid’s Room for girl and boy

Mr. and Mrs. Rajesh, parents of 4 and 12-year-old Sanvriti and Ritwik, chose to provide their children with a colorful and magnificent room. They consulted Magical Nest to design the dream interiors of their kids' room. They had two rooms for their tots, one for the teenager and one for the little princess because the adolescent needed seclusion and the young princess needed a lovely chamber. The parents discussed with the team their ideas and preferences, which were worked upon by the design team with utmost passion.

Pink pretty kid’s room interior with unicorn room wallpaper, stairs cum storage to the loft area with board games, comfortable bed with side tables, dressing space, and a study table for the girl.

Sanvriti's room is inviting, with a unicorn on the wall and closet, as well as colorful steps leading up to the play loft. Lighting is an important aspect in making a space appear bright, and the cloud lights are perfect for the purpose, a study desk, and a whiteboard, along with the bookshelf made it look complete. It is the small things that add to the beauty, and the pretty butterfly knobs, star, and rainbow over the headboard made the room look lovely for the princess.

A teal-blue theme kid’s room interior for the boy, with sports and guitar décor. A bedroom bench by the window, cushioned bed with side tables, and a convenient study table.

Ritwik, a guitar and sports fan, had his room designed according to his likes and preferences, down to the smallest details like the draw handles to the royal bed that adds to the space's elegance. There is a basketball board and a study area with a wall-mounted tv, where entertainment and studies go hand-in-hand.

Through constant contact with the design team, for the necessary modifications according to their requirement, the end product turned out to be more than beautiful. Happy Parents, Joyful kids!

Pink Breeze, Kid’s Room for two angels

Nature is so generous, there is sunshine, moonlight, and breeze, the most crucial parts of existence. And instead of showing gratitude, human activities are taking complete advantage of the resources. Here is the family who wants their children to share the warmth of the sun and feel the cool breeze in their kids’ room. Mr. and Mrs. Vohra, wanted a functional kids' room with good ventilation and spacious space for their two angels, Dhyana and Shanaya aged three and seven. After checking out many other design firms, Mr. Darshit found Magical Nest and called it truly magical as the company gives the best.

Kid’s Room interior designed for two girls with an independent bed and study space with butterfly décor on the ceiling.

The design team worked skillfully to come up with the best plan to suit the parent’s expectations. With colors as subtle as white and pink, a shared room for the girls has hut-shaped independent beds, along with a wall-mounted book stack and a long study desk to learn and grow together. All-in-All a pretty pink room shimmered with rays of shine and a cool breeze.

Lavish Lavender, Kid’s Room for girl

Chaithra’s family was moving into a new apartment and they decided to get their little princess a room, designed by Magical Nest. As the old proverb goes - ‘A child who reads will be an adult who thinks,’ Avika was just one of those kinds, an avid reader. The main requirement of the parent was to have ample space for her books, stairs to the loft area for play, and altogether a minimalistic room that looks elegant.

Kid’s Room interior for the girl, with queen size bed and a world map wallpaper over the headboard, a loft area for play on the opposite wall, and a green cushioned bench by the window along with a study table.

With a combination of green and lavender, the room has a queen-size bed, opposite is subtle colored stairs leading to the well-cushioned loft area for reading and play. The study desk for all the learning, and a bedroom bench by the window to enjoy nature. The white butterfly knobs and a mermaid handle added to the prettiness of the kid’s room.

SkyLight, Kid’s Room for boy

A kid who has multiple interests and wants to master all fields of learning, meet Avyaan. He is a boy who enjoys physical activities and brain teasers. Painting and drawing are his favorite pastimes. He has to be read bedtime stories and his father wishes he grows up to be a voracious reader.

A simple uncomplicated kid’s room interior for a boy designed with stairs and a slide to the loft area with a study table. Climbers and ropes for all the fun and activities.

Blue for boys may be cliched, but it works for Avyaan. A small space that keeps the child occupied with all of his favorite activities. The stairwell and slide to the loft area, which also functions as storage. A playful child that enjoys playing with slides and monkey bars. The loft is a great place to play games or solve mind-numbing puzzles.

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