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Portrait of artist Asmita Potedar

Growth is multi-dimensional. Here are some of the celebrated artisans in the field of crafts who have made themselves and the country proud by exhibiting their creative minds through delightful art.

Brahmdeo Ram Pandit

Portrait of Brahmdeo Ram Pandit

From tall vases to salad bowls and platters, Ram Pandit transitioned from traditional pottery to studio pottery, the creation that marks his distinctive techniques. Born in Bihar, carrying forward the art as a third generation, he is awarded the Padma Shri Award for his intricately beautiful work. Pandit Art Ceramic is his studio pottery workshop, assisted by his wife and children, mold bonsai and ikebana pots. His work is laudable. He has taught pottery for many years and held demonstrations, workshops, and exhibitions. He was invited to Japan for cultural exchange programs. The government of India sent him to Germany, Spain, and Africa to conduct pottery workshops. He hosted solo shows of studio pottery at the Sophia and Jehangir Art Galleries and has had exhibitions at Paramparik Karigar and Cymroza and Heritage Art Gallery.

Monika Correa

Portrait of Artist Monika Correa

She is an Indian Artist who learned the fundamentals of weaving from Marianna Strengell, Boston. After she returned to India, she started taking classes at the Weavers Service Centre, run by the government of India. Here she got an opportunity to interact with K.G.Subramanyan, who was working on Fibre Sculptures. And he who inspired Correa and her further alluring work, known for her experimental weaves. She initially made floor carpets but later created canvas and wall mounted works as she was not impressed with people walking on the dhurries. Original Sin, Banyan Tree, and Axis Mundi are her notable works. She has presented solo and group exhibitions and takes pride in having her collections part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Museum of Modern Art to name a few.

Asmita Potedar

Portrait of Artist Asmita Potedar

Her hand embroidery art of a farmer won her the National Award. She believed that if one possesses an eye for art, the art appears through any medium. She inherited the skillful art from her mother in childhood, and since then, she has been keen on creating wonders with interwoven threads. Her work has traveled all over India and abroad as well. Portraits and nature are among her creations.

Mrinalini Mukherjee

Portrait of Artist Mrinalini Mukherjee

'One of the most arresting museum experiences of the season. It is an astonishment'- New York Times.

The creative mind who brought life to threads and fibers through sculptures, Mrinalini was known for her contemporary style of transforming textiles into models. Her work is part of public collections at The Museum of Modern Art (Oxford), and The National Gallery of Modern Art (New Delhi).

Ghulam Nabi Dar

Portrait of Artist Ghulam Nabi Dar

Poverty led him to enroll in the wood carving workshop, Karkhaana, which would fetch him skill and money. It took him more than twenty years to learn and practice, and today, he masters the carvings of the beautiful flowers, roses, birds, and animals on the walnut wood. It is a delight to watch the delicately designed pieces of wood. He started at the age of ten, and to this day, he takes pride in keeping the art alive for over 60 years. He is one of the most celebrated artisans, and his achievements have taken him to countries like Germany, Iraq, and Thailand. He has won state and national awards.

Cherishing the unique crafts and the personalities behind them, let us welcome the young minds by exposure to the wonderful world of colors and fine art.

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