Top 10 Smart, Safe, and Super Fun Play Gym Ideas for Your Kids’ Room

Top 10 Smart, Safe, and Super Fun Play Gym Ideas for Your Kids’ Room

Kids seem to have an unlimited supply of energy, right? They run around the house, climb the windows like a Spiderman, jump on the bed, and engage in all sorts of power-packed activities for the whole day without showing the slightest trace of fatigue. Well, kids are kids!  As a parent, all you need to do is to provide them with a safe environment to burn off all that pent-up energy. Here’s good news - you can encourage your little ones to break a sweat, even on a rainy day, within the confines of your house. Yes, we are talking about the wide range of play gym ideas that you can incorporate into your kids’ bedroom. And the best part? They are fun, safe, creative, and cool!

Whether your kid is a toddler, preschooler, tween or teenager, there are many ways you can integrate a play gym or activity zone into their room. Here are some of the top and trending ideas to get your kids moving.   

Climbing Walls for Kids

Want to bring in a little action into your children’s bedroom? Climbing walls are your best bet. Your little Spiderman fan at home will instantly fall for it and why not - after all, nothing can match the thrill of climbing the walls like a superhero. With haphazardly arranged holds that can support hands and feet, climbing walls are a great way to introduce physical activity into kids’ bedroom designs without using any floor space. You can opt for colorful holds to make the wall more attractive.

We, at Magical Nest, offer an amazing range of climbing wall designs along with kids’ furniture solutions. You can get a wall installed either as a stand-alone wall or as part of a larger activity zone complete with other equipment. The floor beneath the walls is secured with crash mats to ensure your child’s safety. Our Travel the World climbing wall - colorful holds fixed on a wall that features the world map - is an all-time favorite with kids and parents alike. Spiderman-inspired designs are also a popular choice for young kids.

Swedish Walls for Kids

Gymnastic wall bars, also known as Swedish walls, are another great way to enhance the climbing and coordination skills of young kids. This equipment typically features ladder-like wall bars and an extended top bar from which kids can hang vertically. Throw in a crash mat on the floor for safety and voila, your little ones can engage in fun-filled physical activities even when it is raining cats and dogs outside!  

The Swedish walls offered by Magical Nest are for kids of all ages. If you want to keep things simple, opt for a basic design or you can make it more fun by adding other functionalities like gymnastic rings and climbing ropes to the unit. This play equipment doesn’t take up much space as it is placed against the wall, so it is an ideal pick for small rooms. Check out some of our trending Swedish wall designs here.

Gymnastic Rings

An all-time and old-time favorite of kids, this typically features two rings that hang freely from a sturdy frame made of metal or wood. It can be attached to the ceiling or as an additional feature to Swedish walls. Gymnastic rings are popular among both boys and girls as they allow them to do some cool tricks. That’s not all! They help kids to develop strength and coordination.

A simple add-on that doesn’t take up any floor space, this equipment works really well for all kinds of kids’ bedroom designs. At Magical Nest, you will find kids’ gymnastic rings in different colors and sizes, all of which made using safe and kid-friendly materials. You can get them fixed at a height that is appropriate for your child’s age.


A small but delightful kiddy wish, slides are a great way to keep your child active without compromising on the fun factor. And the best part? They often come as part of loft beds and bunk beds and hence, don’t require additional floor space. However, if the room is spacious enough, you can also create a play zone with a stand-alone slide and other play equipment. Slides bring a sense of cheer and fun to kids’ room interiors, and somehow end up becoming irresistible even for the adults.

The designers at Magical Nest have come up with many ingenious ways to incorporate slides into your little one’s room. For starters, we have a fabulous range of kids’ bunk beds and loft beds that have slides as an additional feature. Our beds with slides come in various themes and designs - from spaceships and castles to cars and sports and more. Let your children climb their way up and slide their way down. In addition to all the fun, this helps them unleash their energy and develop strength and flexibility.

Tire Swings

Sturdy and safe, tire swings recreate all those fun moments at the summer camp right inside your children’s bedroom. Like the traditional swing, they can be hung from the ceiling either vertically or horizontally. Vertical tire swings can accommodate one child while the horizontal version can accommodate two, depending on the size and diameter of the tire. This allows both kids to swing at the same time, which means fewer complaints for you and more fun for them.

Tire swings are also available as a simple hula-hoop structure with a netting in the center that can add a vintage touch to kids’ room interiors. Throw in a cushion for additional comfort and it doubles as a place for kids to lounge back with their favorite book. At Magical Nest, we have kids’ bedroom ideas that incorporate tire swings as part of Swedish wall units or a play area. Classic black, vintage white or vibrant red, you can choose a color that best matches the room décor and theme.     

Rope Ladders

How about introducing a bit of tree-house adventure into the indoor settings? We suggest rope ladders, a unique climbing structure that can guarantee an element of gymnastics as well as oodles fun. Just as the name suggests, a rope ladder features two long ropes connected by several short crosspieces. It serves as a great add-on to treehouse beds, high-sleeper beds or Swedish walls and can also be used in rooms with elevated activity areas for reading and playing.

Rope ladders not only extend game time but also enhance balance and core strength. Many of our kids’ bedroom designs come with rope ladders either as part of bunk beds or loft beds or as a separate play apparatus. We also have exclusive treehouse bed designs with rope ladders. Based on your child’s age and physical fitness, you can choose the number of rungs and the distance between two rungs.

Climbing Ropes

Looking for something that encourages game time and physical activity? A climbing rope can be a great addition to your kids’ activity zone. Simple in design and easy to use, it is a long and strong rope with multiple knots to support climbing.  For sporty kids who love a heavy dose of adventure, you can also opt for versions without knots.

Climbing ropes can be added as an additional feature to treehouse beds and high-sleeper beds or you can simply hang them from the ceiling as a play gym equipment. Swedish walls with climbing ropes are also available these days. Either way, your child will enjoy climbing their way up, just like Jack did in Jack and the Beanstalk!

Climbing Cargo Nets

Cargo nets - that is, large square/rectangular nets made of rope - were originally used for lifting cargo into and out of ships. Later, they became a piece of training equipment for building strength and endurance. Today, they are being widely used as a climbing accessory in kids’ play gyms. They help promote balance, strength, and coordination and are recommended for kids of 3 years and above. The greatest advantage of cargo nets is that they create suspended play spaces in a fun way and can be easily incorporated into kids’ activity zones.

The kids’ bedroom ideas we offer at Magical Nest used cargo nets in many fun ways. For instance, we have designs where such nets are used as part of Swedish wall units and as an additional climbing accessory for bunk beds and loft beds. Check out some of our popular bedroom designs featuring cargo nets here

Basketball Nets

If you are looking for play accessories that your child won’t outgrow fast, basketball nets are a great option. They allow your kids to develop an interest in sports at an early age, and also help in developing motor skills and hand-eye coordination. If you have two or more kids sharing the same room, basketball nets double as an excellent indoor sport where siblings can compete with each other in healthy matches. 

At Magical Nest, we have a good range of sports-themed room designs that come with this smart and simple accessory. You can choose kids’ bed designs where the upper bunk is equipped with a basketball net. If you don’t have a dedicated play zone, just get the net installed in any appropriate corner of the room, but make sure to paint the walls in a color that doesn’t show stains easily.

Monkey Bars for Kids

A playground favorite of kids, monkey bars are a piece of equipment that comes with climbing bars and a horizontally placed overhead ladder from which kids can swing. They are available in wood and steel and help increase upper body strength and agility in kids from a very young age.

Our Zoomer-themed car bed with money bars has won the hearts of many sporty kids and their parents. Twin beds and closet spaces that are connected to each other with monkey bars are also a common choice, thanks to the functionality they offer. The overhead ladder can be easily integrated into high sleeper bed units or you can simply install monkey bars as an extension of climbing walls or Swedish walls.


Kids' Room Designs from Magical Nest for Your Sporty Child

If you are looking for a productive way to allow your naughty munchkins to expel the excess energy, there’s no better way to do it than by adding a touch of sporty fervor into your kid’s room. However, activity zones designed within the bedroom are a relatively new concept in India. And we, at Magical Nest, are one of the pioneers in the country to offer fun and functional rooms that promote physical activity. Whether you want to carve out a dedicated play zone or design interiors that smoothly integrate play accessories, you can count on us to come up with fun and creative designs.

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