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Room for 2 young kids with L shape bed and book shelves

At What Age Should A Child Have Their Own Room?

It is undeniable, is that children do need their own space as they grow. Having a space to call their own makes children more independent, more responsible and lets you enjoy the privacy of your bedroom.  So, how do you decide when to give your child his/ her own room? Read our expert's take on the question that is on every parent's mind.
on October 16, 2021
Kids climbing wall, ladder and ropes inside a room

9 Ways Indian Parents Are Embracing the Concept of Functional Kids' Rooms

Today's parents are no longer satisfied by just providing a separate space for their kids, instead are looking for a room where their kids can sleep, study, read, relax, play, and indulge in various fun activities. Here are our top 9 ways in which parents are adding functionality along with fun into kids rooms.
on February 21, 2020
Difference between Bunk bed and Loft bed

Difference between Bunk bed and Loft bed

If you are planning to buy a bunk bed or a loft bed for your kids’ room then you must read Magical Nest's Bunk Beds vs. Loft Beds: A Complete Guide to understand the differences between the two and when to choose one over another.
on January 22, 2020



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