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Kid's room interior design with a loft bed, wardrobe, stairs, and queen size kid's bed.

The Role of Room Design in Child Development: A Comprehensive Guide

Unlock the potential of your child's room with our comprehensive guide on 'The Role of Room Design in Child Development'. Discover how a well-designed room can boost cognitive skills, foster emotional well-being, and encourage physical activity. From choosing the right furniture to creating different zones for play, study, and rest, we delve into practical tips that can transform your child's room into a nurturing environment for growth and learning. Join us on this enlightening journey and let's design rooms that are not just beautiful, but also brain-boosting, heart-warming, and fun-filled!
on August 02, 2023
The wardrobe storage in a kids’ room with white base theme mixed with subtle colors of pink, purple and blue. The wardrobe has the combination of hangers, shelves and draws with horizontal slab for decor items.

Ingenious Storage Solutions for Your Kids' Room Interiors

Discover ingenious storage solutions to transform your child's room into a magical, organized haven. Explore enchanting ideas like magical wardrobes, playful slides with storage, and captivating bookshelves that not only declutter the space but also inspire your child's imagination.
on April 06, 2023
A teen girl’s room with bronze birds art frame over the headboard, twin-size bed and bedside cabinets on either side. The ceiling has butterfly light and the room has a pastel color theme.

Designing a Teenager's Room: Tips for Parents

Looking for tips on designing a teenager's room? Check out our latest blog post! Our experts at Magical Nest understand the importance of creating a space that reflects your teen's unique personality and interests. From choosing the right furniture and colors to incorporating storage and activity corners, we've got you covered. Read on for practical advice on balancing functionality and aesthetics to create a safe and comfortable space for your teen.
on March 15, 2023
Room for siblings or twins with independent generous bed space and wall wide world map.

Designing a Kid’s Room for Twins and Siblings: Guidelines for a Perfect Shared Space

Designing a room for twins or siblings can be a daunting task, especially when you need to consider the individual preferences of each child. But it's also a great opportunity to create a space that reflects the personalities and interests of both children while promoting bonding and growth. A shared bedroom is not just about providing a place to sleep, but also a space for children to learn how to co-live and handle emotions and responsibilities. This blog provides some guidelines to help you craft the perfect kids' room for your lovely munchkins, including defining spaces, choosing colors and patterns, maximizing storage, and creating a designated play area. By considering these factors, you can create a functional, comfortable, and personalized space that will make both children feel at home.
on March 02, 2023
A young girl looking through a pink window from a wooden loft inside her kid's room.

Safety Aspects to keep in mind while designing Kids Rooms

Safety should be top priority when designing kids' rooms. At Magical Nest, we ensure that our designs prioritize safety without compromising on design. Our furniture has soft, round edges, electric points are covered, furniture can withstand kids' playfulness, bedding is flame-retardant and hypoallergenic, layout is designed for comfort and functionality, and all materials are non-toxic and non-VOC. We prioritize safety at the core of everything we design to create the safest kids' rooms in India.
on February 07, 2023
Kids’ room for girls. The room looks like a wonderland with a bunny mirror in the dressing area, a castle wallpaper and galaxy star ceiling.

How to Design a Kid's Room for Girls?

Get creative with your child's bedroom design with our step-by-step guide on 'How to Design a Kid's Room for Girls.' From color schemes to storage solutions, we cover it all to help you create a fun and functional space that your little one will love. Learn how to choose the perfect bed, add playful accents, and more. Your daughter's room will be the coolest in the neighborhood!
on January 27, 2023



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