10 Different Types of Kids' Beds

10 Different Types of Kids' Beds

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Not so long ago, kids’ beds were nothing more than smaller versions of regular beds which sometimes featured cartoon characters or plain colors - pink for girls and blue for boys. That was it! Gone are those days and for good. Today, there’s no end to the creativity and innovation that goes into kids’ bed designs. From themed bunk beds and fancy car beds to rustic treehouse beds, functional wall beds, and loft beds with slides, a wide range of mind-blowing designs are offered by kids’ furniture stores. They not only create a cozy little corner for your child to get a good night’s sleep but also blend fun and functionality in the best and most creative way possible. 

Want to know more about the trending kids’ bed designs? Here’s an overview of some of the most popular types of beds that make the best use of space and enhance your kids’ room interiors

1. Bunk Beds

Topping the list of children’s bed designs are bunk beds, an all-time favorite of kids and parents alike. Simply put, it is a multi-story unit in which one bed is stacked over the other and connected with a ladder or staircase. The greatest advantage of a bunk bed is that it accommodates two kids in two separate beds using the floor space for just one. It’s fun and space-saving at the same time.

What we offer: When you buy kid’s bunk beds online from us, you have a plethora of innovative designs and themes to choose from. For instance, if your child is a Marvel fan, opt for a superhero-themed bunk bed - Superman, Spiderman, Captain Marvel or Batman, just name it and we have it all. Themes inspired by nature, sports, Lego, cars, trains, etc. are also quite popular with parents. What’s more, you can even get bunk beds custom-made like a cute two-storied house, beach cabin, Barbie house, palace or castle with additional features like windows, slides, cabins, balconies, curtains, and more. 

2. Loft Beds

Typically, loft beds feature a bed on the upper bunk and space beneath is available for multiple uses. These are perfect for kids’ bedroom designs where you want to combine the bed with another piece of furniture, such as a desk or an extra storage unit, on the same floor space. Though buyers often confuse loft beds with bunk beds, they are two different types of beds. Check out our blog on the difference between a bunk bed and a loft bed to know more. 

What we offer: The loft beds we offer at Magical Nest tick the boxes for fun and functionality and are also excellent space savers. From sports, dollhouses, space, nature, and forest to palaces that you come across in Disney movies, you can get loft beds designed around an amazing array of themes, complete with fitting colors, fittings, décor, patterns, and accessories. They create a make-believe world for your child to sleep, play, and have oodles of fun. 

3. Beds with Slides 

Today, when you buy kids’ beds in India, you will see models that have one or more extra fun features added to the sleeping unit. Beds with slides are one such innovation usually found in loft and bunk varieties. Such designs come with a slide attached to the bedframe - this is in addition to the conventional staircase or ladder. Kids can have a whale of a time sliding their way down from the upper bunk and just imagine their happy faces! 

What we offer: We, at Magical Nest, offer beds with slides in both bunk and loft bed categories. The slides are firmly attached to the bedframe and are made using safe and hazard-free materials. For parents who want to make the most of the space available in their children’s bedroom, we even have designs where the space below the slide is converted into shelves or drawers. 

4.     Beds with Desks 

This is a popular version of loft beds and as the name suggests, the space beneath the upper bunk is equipped with a study table, chair, and related accessories. This is an excellent choice for parents who are looking to merge the sleep and study areas of their children without having to use separate floor spaces for each. As two major activities - sleep and study - are combined within the same unit of furniture, you can keep the rest of the room free for other activities. 

What we offer: Our study lofts come with tables, chairs, and storage drawers installed in the space beneath the upper bunk. We follow design consistency across all units of furniture and also ensure that the study area doesn’t look or feel crowded. Depending on the space available, some of our designs also include bookshelves, cupboards, and other additional features. You could choose a classic pink-white or blue-white color scheme or look for more vibrant combinations.

5. Single Beds

Some styles never go out of fashion, thanks to their timeless design and functionality. Single beds are a fine case in point. Designed to accommodate a single child, this type of bed offers a bigger bang for the bucks you spend as your child won’t outgrow it in a few years. This doesn’t mean that single beds can’t have attractive designs or themes. Many online kids’ bedroom furniture stores offer fancy single beds in striking colors, designs, motifs, and themes.

What we offer: The single beds offered by Magical Nest will take your kids’ bedroom interiors to the next level. Want a bed that fits your little prince or princess? We can create single beds with a castle-like setting for you. Or do you want to perk up your kids’ room with a Spiderman or Minion-themed bed? Consider it done! We can even design a spaceship themed bed for your little astronauts. From classic to contemporary, vintage to kitschy, our single bed designs are truly diverse. That’s not all! You can also choose to customize the sleeping area of siblings with two single beds featuring their names or initials. 

6. Trundle Beds 

Want to accommodate two children in the floor space of one but don’t want to buy kids’ bunks beds because of ceiling restrictions? Trundle beds can be the answer to your concerns. They feature an additional bed attached to wheels that are stored under the normal bed. While it looks like a single bed during the day, the bed beneath can be pulled out at night to make additional sleeping space.  

What we offer: As an expert in kids’ furniture solutions, we offer both conventional and same-level trundle beds that feature attractive design elements. From bunk trundle beds to car-shaped trundle beds to storage-cum-trundle beds, our collection celebrates fun and functionality in equal measures. 

7. Storage Beds

There’s no denying that growing kids need a lot of storage space. With storage beds, you can be well-prepared to meet such needs of your kids. They come with an in-built storage space where you can tuck away all those toys, books, and clothes that your kid may not need at the moment.

What we offer: For us, storage is not just an additional functionality, but the art of keeping rooms clutter-free. Needless to say, every storage bed we create is a piece of art complete with colors and patterns that add to the wow-factor of your children’s bedroom interiors. How about a Lego-themed bunk bed with multiple drawers designed like building blocks? Or a stylish dollhouse bed with one or more storage units? Or a customized sleeping area for siblings with two single beds, each with its own drawers? Or an elevated single bed with multiple layers of drawers beneath it? We offer them all and more. We even have trundle beds which can be used as both a sleeping surface and a storage unit. 

8. Car Beds 

Gone are the days when a kids’ bed was just a plain unit of furniture meant for sleeping in. Now, it can be a means to fan the little one’s imagination and fulfill their fantasies. Car beds are one such variety popular with young kids. These beds are designed as flashy cars and they are also available in different car designs such as sports car beds, racer car beds, fire truck car beds, etc.

What we offer: Our car beds are just perfect for your little car lover at home. Complete with make-believe tires, head-lights, speedometers, and other features, each design in our collection is nothing short of a masterpiece. You can choose single beds designed like a car or choose the car design as part of a bunk or loft bed unit. Our collection also includes trundle car beds designed to accommodate two kids. Or if you want to create a sleeping area with two flashy cars for the sisters or brothers, we do that too. Let them race their way into their dreams. 

9. Wall Beds

If there is an award for space-saving furniture, it certainly goes to wall beds. Also known as pull-down beds, they are hinged at one end and can be stored vertically inside a cabinet or against a wall. Wall beds can be easily folded away when not in use, providing you with ample space in the room for other activities. 

What we offer: The wall beds in our collection are several notches above the ordinary and why not! Where else can you find wall beds that carry themes like Ben 10 or models that look just like a wardrobe or a patch of wall when closed? We have also come up with designs where two beds are placed vertically and attached to a wall cabinet. Once opened, it looks exactly like a standard bunk bed and it has a small metal ladder too! 

10. Treehouse Beds 

Treehouse beds are a unique way to introduce an unmistakable element of fun and quirkiness into your kids’ sleeping area. True to its name, this model features a sleeping unit that is designed like a treehouse and perched atop an elevated bed frame with ladders or stairs to access it. Some beds might also come with additional design elements and accessories like windows, slides, storage units, etc. 

What we offer:  Our designs are typically a variant of loft beds but many of our bunk beds also have the upper bunk designed like an attractive treehouse. One of the key advantages of our treehouse beds is that they double as a play area for your kids to unleash their energy and have fun. To make them look peppier and more real, we incorporate additional elements like balconies and railings and the whole unit can also be given a rustic touch. In addition to loft and bunk versions, you can also install a separate treehouse in a cozy corner of your child’s room - a tiny private house for your little one to dream, read, and play. 

Buy Kids’ Bedroom Furniture Hassle-free at Magical Nest

Now that you know some of the trending kids’ bed designs, why wait? Go ahead and create a magical world for your child. But remember, when it comes to kids’ beds, quality and safety are as important as design innovation and fun features. If you are looking to buy safe and high-quality kids’ bedroom furniture, Magical Nest is a good place to begin your search. After all, where else can you see beds that are made using E1 certified colors and 1000 times jump tested? Yes, you heard it right, a 1000 times!

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