Difference between a Conventional Trundle and Same-Level Trundle Bed

Difference between a Conventional Trundle and Same-Level Trundle Bed

Multi level conventional trundle bed

What’s in a bed, you may ask? We say, a lot, especially when it’s a bed for your kids’ room and you want to put the available space to good use. No wonder, space-saving furniture like trundle beds are rising in popularity among Indian parents living in small apartments. Those who are planning to buy kids’ trundle beds can choose between two popular versions - conventional trundle beds and same-level trundle beds. Despite sharing many features, these two types vary in their uses, advantages, and disadvantages. This means that must know the difference between them as one type may match your requirements better than the other. 

Want to know what conventional and same-level trundle beds are and how they differ from each other? Here you go.  

What are Conventional Trundle Beds?

A conventional trundle bed, also known as a truckle bed, is a low, wheeled bed tucked under a normal bed. In other words, it is a bed on wheels and the regular bed under which it is stored is called the parent bed. Together, they form a single bed unit. In conventional designs, the trundle bed can be rolled out and used as a separate sleeping surface as and when needed. When pulled out, it remains at a height lower than the parent bed. Conventional trundle beds for kids offer two separate beds but when not in use, they take the floor space of just one. 

Features of Conventional Trundle Beds

  • Conventional trundle beds offer two separate sleeping spaces, each fit to accommodate a child. 
  • The pull-out trundle bed remains low to the ground and is generally smaller than the parent bed. 
  • The mattress for the trundle bed is often a thin one so that it won’t be a constraint when tucking it away or pulling it out. 

Types of Conventional Trundle Beds

Conventional trundle beds come in various types and designs, thus providing you with an exciting range to select from when you buy kids’ beds online in India. Some of the trending designs include, but are not limited to: 

  • Trundle Bunk Beds 

Conventional trundle bunk bed

These are bunk beds with an additional pull-out trundle attached to the lower bunk. Such models are an easy and effective way to incorporate three kids’ beds in a small bedroom by using the floor space of just one. 

  • Trundle-cum-Storage Beds 

A trundle-cum-storage bed is a two-in-one and multi-functional sleeping unit. It features a normal bed with a pull-out trundle that can be used as a sleeping space or converted into a storage unit based on your needs. 

  • Captain Trundle Beds

Conventional Captain Trundle Bed

Typically, captain beds feature ample storage space in the form of shelves attached to the headboard or drawers built in the main body of the bed. Captain trundle beds increase the multi-functionality of the bed unit as they have a roll-out bed along with the storage spaces. 

  • Trundle Day Beds 

The defining feature of a trundle day bed is that its frame looks similar to that of a couch complete with back panels and armrests. The trundle can be pulled out to create a sleeping space at night but when tucked away, the unit serves as a couch where you kids can relax or read. 

  •  Car Trundle Beds

Conventional trundle car bed

The whole unit is designed like a car with tires, headlights, etc. and it also has a pull-out trundle attached to it. They add to the fun factor of your children’s bedroom without compromising on functionality.

 Pros and Cons of Conventional Trundle Beds

Conventional trundle beds have several advantages and a few drawbacks too. Here are the major pros and cons to keep in mind when you buy kids’ beds online:


  • Conventional trundle beds offer an on-demand extra bed. 
  • When the trundle is not pulled out, the unit uses the floor space of only one bed. 
  • They remain low to the ground and hence are a safer option for small kids. 
  • Some models might feature in-built storage space, which further increases their functionality. 
  • Since conventional trundles form two sleeping spaces, they give kids the personal sleeping space they need. 


  • Such beds occupy as much space as a normal bed when in use.
  • You need special size sheets and mattresses for the trundle since it is smaller than the main bed. 
  • It can be difficult to step in or step out of the main bed without disturbing the person sleeping on the trundle. 

 What is a Same-Level Trundle Bed?

A same-level trundle bed, also known as a pop-up trundle bed, is similar to a conventional trundle bed in its basic features - that is, it features a wheeled bed tucked away under the regular bed. Unlike conventional designs where the pull-out trundle remains at a lower height, same-level trundle beds can be raised to the same level as the regular bed. As a result, a larger bed is formed, which is twice as big as the normal bed. 

Features of Same-Level Trundle Beds

  • Same-level trundle beds serve one large and spacious sleeping space when rolled out and popped up.
  • This type of bed can fit in full size or twin mattresses. 
  • The two beds can be used as a single unit or as two separate sleeping spaces in some models. 
  • They come attached with a lever that is used to raise, lower or adjust the height of the pull-out bed.

Types of Same-Level Trundle Beds

Same-level trundle beds for kids come in an interesting range of models and designs. Some of the most popular types include: 

  • Same-Level Trundle Day Beds 
Same Level Trundle Day bed with back and arm support

    Like its conventional variant, this type features a couch-like regular bed and a wheeled-bed stored away beneath it. While the unit serves as a couch or a single bed during daytime, it can be converted into a large sleeping space at night by pulling the trundle out and popping it up. They add elegance and functionality to your kids’ bedroom designs.

    • Same-Level Trundle Bunk Beds 
    Football themed same level trundle bunk bed

      This variant shares all basic features of a bunk bed - an upper bunk, a lower bunk, and a staircase or ladder. The lower bunk comes attached with a pop-up trundle which opens to its same level. This means the lower bunk can accommodate two kids while the upper bunk can accommodate one. If you are looking for kids’ bedroom ideas that optimize the use of floor space, such designs could be a great option. 

      • Same-Level Car Trundle Beds 
      Same level trundle car bed in red colour

        Such designs look the same as conventional car trundles except that the pull-out bed opens to the same level as the parent bed. Together, they create a king or queen size sleeping space. 

        • Twin with Twin or Full with Twin Designs 

        These are classifications based on the size of the bed. The former features a twin parent bed with a twin trundle while the latter has a full parent with a twin trundle. The only difference between these two variants is in the size of the sleeping space they create. Of these, twin with twin designs is the most preferred choice of kids’ bedroom furniture

         Pros and Cons of Same-level Trundle Beds

        Having a good idea about the pros and cons of same-level trundle beds can help you make an informed choice when you buy children’s furniture online. These include: 


        • Same-level trundle beds create a sleeping space that may be equal to a king-size bed.
        • You can even use this as a king-size bed for guests if needed. 
        • Some of the models can be separated and used as two different units. 


        • Same-level trundle beds create one large bed which your kids will have to share. In other words, it doesn’t score high on privacy. 
        • The two mattresses in this bed type might not line up exactly or offer a uniform sleeping surface as a large mattress would. 
        • The mattresses may slide away when placed side by side and hence you might need to strap them together.

        How to Choose between Conventional and Same-Level Trundle Beds?

        Both conventional and same-level trundle beds are multi-functional units and brilliant space savers. When it comes to choosing one over the other, the bottom line is this - are you looking for two separate sleeping spaces for your kids? Or are you looking for a large bed for your kids to co-sleep? 

        Since conventional trundle beds for kids pack in two separate beds in a single piece of furniture, they are ideal for parents who want to make the most of available space in their kids’ bedroom. Each bed can accommodate one child, thereby giving them the privacy they need. However, if you want to accommodate a large bed in your children’s bedroom or just increase the bed size at night while keeping the floor space free during the day, a same-level trundle bed is an ideal option.

        Conventional and Same-Level Trundle Beds at Magical Nest

        At Magical Nest, we offer both conventional and same-level trundle beds that are engineered to perfection. Unlike traditional no-frills models, our designs are known for their exceptional design innovations, colors, patterns, themes, and additional features. We have re-imagined the functionalities of trundle beds in the wildest way possible. 

        So, tell us, what are you looking for? A flashy car bed with a same-level trundle? A sleeping area designed like a castle or a beach house or a spaceship with a conventional trundle installed in it? A girls’ bed with shelves attached to the headboard? A same-level trundle with colorful drawers? Or a sleeping area with an elevated treehouse cabin on the top and a same-level trundle bed on the bottom, both connected with a ladder or staircase? We offer all this and a lot more. 

        As we always say, our specialization is in creating dream-like sleeping spaces for your kids who love to dream! 

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