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9 Ways Indian Parents Are Embracing the Concept of Functional Kids' Rooms

A dynamic kids' play area with rope ladders, a climbing wall, gymnastic rings, and a trampoline, designed by Magical Nest for active play.

A few decades ago, the concept of “kids’ room” was practically non-existent. Of course, kids did have rooms or spaces to sleep and study but those were no different than other rooms in the house. Today, parents not only prefer assigning exclusive rooms for their kids but also want to make the most of the space available in it. What they want is a room where their kids can sleep, study, read, relax, play, and indulge in various activities. And that’s where the concept of functional kids’ rooms gains its significance. 

So what is a functional kids’ room? Simply put, such kids’ room designs  that combine multiple functionalities by using innovative furniture, floor plans, décor, and accessories, and the like. Here are 10 ways you can embrace the idea of functional kids’ room: 

1. By Opting for Customised Room Designs 

Guess what’s the basic prerequisite of a functional kids’ room? To begin with, it should look and feel like a kids’ room. After all, what’s the point in designating a separate room for your little ones if you are planning to keep it mundane, boring, and unexciting? Kids are almost always in their fantasy worlds, so their rooms should also reflect this dreamy aura along with elements of fun. 

Fortunately, parents in India are increasingly being aware of the importance of customized kids’ room designs. They choose to redo the whole room in specific styles and turn it into a wonderland. Take, for instance, the kids’ bedroom ideas we offer at Magical Nest. Our designs feature elevated play areas, closed cabins, treehouses, stairs and ladders, slides, tire swings, false ceilings, and a lot of other exciting features. 

2. By Choosing Creative and Innovative Themes for Kids’ Rooms 

Another key feature of functional kids’ room designs is that the entire room is designed around a specific theme. This helps create design consistency across the room and also brings in an element of vivacity. Indian parents have long bid bye to ordinary kids’ rooms with even more ordinary furniture. Instead, they root for thematically designed rooms and also incorporate kids’ furniture, accessories, furnishings, and fixtures that go hand in hand with the theme chosen.

We, at Magical Nest, are known for the diverse themes we offer ranging from space, cars, and sports to Disneyland castles, Marvel superheroes, beach cabins, Barbie houses, and more. Each of these themes helps you make a fine balance between fun and functionality and turns even the most ordinary of rooms into a dreamland where your kids love spending their time.  

3. By Saying Yes to Space-saving Beds 

Functional kids’ rooms might vary in theme or design, but they all have one feature in common - space-saving beds. Some of the most common types of this category include bunk beds, loft, beds, and trundle beds, each of which has made its way to the good book of Indian parents. Bunk beds and trundle beds accommodate two (or more) children in the floor space of one bed. Loft beds, on the other hand, combine the sleeping space with another unit of furniture such as a study desk or a kids’ wardrobe.

Here’s good news! When you buy space-saving kids’ bed designs, you don’t have to limit your options to ordinary designs that make the room look like a hostel or summer camp. Instead, you can look for stunning themes and designs. From car-themed trundle beds and sports-themed bunk beds to multi-bed sleeping units that are designed like a majestic palace or fairy-tale castle, your options are many. Check out some of the trending kids’ bed types here.  

4. By Incorporating Play Areas into Kids’ Rooms 

Now, this is something parents of the twenty-first century consider extremely important. Since exercise is crucial for the physical and cognitive development of a child, more and more parents are opting for kids’ room ideas that integrate play zones within the bedroom. This means that kids can break a sweat and play to their heart’s content even if they cannot step out of the house due to rain, heat, pollution or some other reasons.   

Magical Nest is one of the first kids’ furniture stores to implement this unique concept in the country and we offer an innovative range of play equipment to encourage physical activities inside the room. These include climbing walls, Swedish walls, playhouses, slides, tire swings, rope ladders, gymnastic rings, and basketball nets, to name a few. Typically, the play zone is demarcated from the rest of the room, but we also have designs where the play equipment is integrated into the bed frame. For instance, how about a loft bed with a climbing cargo or a rope ladder? Or a bunk bed with a basketball net attached to the upper bunk? Here are some of our popular kids’ play area designs. 

5. By Going Creative with Storage

Storage! Ah, storage! Today, houses are shrinking in size, but the storage requirements of an average Indian family are shooting up like never before. That’s one of the reasons why parents are in love with the idea of functional kids’ rooms that feature innovative storage solutions. They cater to the growing storage needs of your growing child and also help you keep the room organized and clutter-free. 

When it comes to storage solutions, your options are not restricted to traditional storage beds alone. Children’s furniture stores in India, like Magical Nest, have launched creative storage solutions that score high on utility as well as aesthetics. Many of our bunk, loft, and single bed designs for kids come equipped with drawers and cabinets. We even have lofts where the space underneath the stair or slide is converted into shelves. From hydraulic storage beds and cabin beds to kids’ study desks with storage facilities, you can choose from a creative, functional, and appealing range of storage solutions.   

6. By Designating Nooks and Spots for Reading and Fun Activities 

A room that can be used only for a single purpose - like sleeping or studying - can hardly be called functional, can it? Nowadays, parents are embracing kids’ bedroom ideas that accommodate various facets of a child’s life. That’s why they prefer designating separate nooks and spots in their kids’ rooms for different activities. 

This is not as difficult as you think. Even in a small or medium-sized room, you can easily demarcate areas for studying, reading, relaxing, and different hobbies. Many of our kids’ bedroom designs have elevated play areas, activity cabins, tepees, treehouses, and similar features that encourage reading and fun activities. You can also choose to create nooks near or under the window to take advantage of the natural light. For instance, how about creating a window reading nook for your little bibliophile where she/he can curl up and enjoy their favorite books? 

7. By Making the Most of the Walls and Vertical Spaces 

When you want to create a multi-functional room for your kids but don’t have enough floor space, what do you do? You must look up and look around for solutions - we mean, quite LITERALLY! Yes, we are talking about another important way in which modern parents are warming up to the idea of functional rooms - they are making the most of the walls and vertical spaces. 

As we have already seen, space-saving beds like bunk and loft designs put vertical space to creative use. Elevated activity rooms are also a huge hit with parents. Such designs use the floor space for sleeping and studying while a full-fledged activity/play area is perched atop it. In other words, it creates a kid-friendly version of the classic duplex room. Walls are also put to optimal use using wall shelves, wall beds, wall-mounted tables, floating bookshelves, and others.  

8. By Perking Up the Room with the Right Décor and Accessories 

When many functions and activity zones are integrated into the same room, it might create a visual mess. That’s why it’s important to create a focal point in the room. Décor pieces and accessories often serve as good focal points but more than that, they enhance the overall aesthetic appeal. That’s precisely why parents looking for multi-functional rooms for their children are willing to invest in innovative décor and accessories. 

For instance, in a multi-functional kids’ room, rugs play an important role in demarcating one activity area from another. Likewise, parents are also looking for unique wall décor and stickers to add an element of fun and fantasy. The same goes true for ceiling décor. Why opt for old and lackluster ideas when you can have a state-of-the-art optical fiber galaxy right on the ceiling of your little one’s room? False ceilings with POP clouds, flowers, and stars, etc. are also rising in popularity, thanks to their novelty and visual appeal.  

9. By Experimenting with Colors 

Earlier, parents were not too specific about the colors they chose to paint their kids’ rooms with. They either chose white or went with the pink-for-girls and blue-for-boys stereotype. Those times are long gone! Today, as parents are opening up to the idea of functional kids’ rooms, they are not hesitant to play with colors. They are also opting for shades and accents that are known to have a soothing or stimulating effect on children. The right choice of colors can brighten up the room and also help create a dreamy or flamboyant effect. 

From pastels to bright colours to neutrals shades, bold and beautiful colors dominate kids’ room designs these days. Hand-painted walls are an all-time favorite in India while wallpapers come a close second. They are available in an amazing variety of designs and patterns ranging from polka dots to flowers to geometric designs to nature-inspired patterns. Besides adding a splash of color, themed wallpapers can also be used to complement the central theme around which the room is designed.  

So, We Are Saying… 

Functional kids’ rooms are not a fancy urban idea anymore. Parents across the country have wholeheartedly embraced this concept and it is here to stay. Considering that the houses and apartments are becoming smaller and more compact, multi-functional spaces are the need of the hour. If you are looking to create a kids’ room that is both cool and practical, get in touch with the experts at Magical Nest right away. No one designs fun and functional kids’ rooms like the way we do!  

So what are you waiting for, book an online design consultation today to get started with designing your kids' room with Magical Nest!

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