Top 15 Wall Decor Ideas for Your Kids' Room

world adventure map wall decor in kids room

world adventure map wall decor in kids room

What’s the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to introduce an element of fun and cheerfulness to your kids’ roomWall decor, of course! They not only pep up the room in a jiffy but also allow you to change the overall look and feel of the décor as the interests of your growing child keep changing. For instance, you could start with bunnies, bees, and alphabets and slowly graduate to Disney princes and princesses, racing cars, superheroes, and what not! And the best part? From classic to cartoons, from space to jungle, and from floral to educational, you can use a fantastic range of wall decor designs and themes to spruce up your kids’ room interiors 

Wondering how to go about choosing decor that enhances your kids’ bedroom interiors? Get a gorgeously decorated room for your kid in minutes with these 15 fun and funky wall decor ideas.  

1. Glow in the Dark Wall Decor

How about creating a kids’ room that is as entertaining at night as it is during the daytime? Glow in the dark wall decor are your best bet for that. Such wall decor creates fun designs that look striking in the daytime while they transition brilliantly into glowing patterns at night. What’s more, kids will instantly fall in love with such decor that seems to have a secret life at night! Want to go the classic way? You can never go wrong with stars, the moon, and the planets. There are several new and fun glow in the dark decor to smarten up your kids’ bedroom. Fairies, constellations, fireflies, cartoon monsters, dinosaurs, cats, butterflies - and the list goes on and on.   

Animal themed wall decor having elephant, tiger, lion and deer inside kids room

2. Animal and Jungle Inspired Wall Decor

Do you have a little animal lover at home? Allow your kids to embrace and express their love for animals by decorating the room with a jungle-themed or animal-themed wall decor. Designs featuring jungle safari, cartoon animals, swinging monkeys, magnificent giraffes, and mighty dinosaurs are some of the most popular choices of parents looking for wall decor ideas for kids’ rooms. Animal and jungle-inspired decor are best suited for young kids and such designs also help children learn a thing or two about the wild wonders out there.  

3. Floral Wall Decor 

Floral wall decor is an all-time favorite of parents and why not! Flowers help infuse a delicate yet dashing look and feel to your children’s bedroom and add a splash of colors. Roses, cherry blossoms, vintage flowers, floral meadows, dandelions, and sunflowers are some of the trending designs in this category. Those who want to cover a large area of the wall can also opt for floral wallpapers. Pink flowers are your best bet to create that dainty and dreamy appeal. However, if the overdose of bubblegum color is too much for you to handle, offset the space with multi-color floral wall decor.  

world map with climbing decor on a wall inside kids room

4. Adventure Maps Wall Decor

Traveling around the world and reaching far and wide is a dream that long-time veterans like Dora and Diego can attest to. Wall decor featuring adventure maps are the perfect pick to kindle an insatiable wanderlust in your tiny tots. Let the minds of your little explorers wander a little, and allow them to get curious about various countries, cultures, people, and geographies on this planet.  

Inspirational quote wall decor next to kids study area inside kids room

5. Wall Decor with Inspirational Quotes

While stars, flowers, and cute animals are for young kids, your little bibliophiles, teens, and tweens would much better associate with quotes from their favorite books. Alternatively, you can choose to deck up the walls with inspirational quotes from world leaders, scientists, and famous personalities. Even a good strip from comics like Calvin ‘n’ Hobbes or Winnie the Pooh sometimes inspires your kids to push and nudge their boundaries ever so often. You can choose different quotes for different areas/nooks in the room. For instance, a “Hakuna Matata” decor will be apt for the sleeping area while quotes like “Never Give Up” or “Dream Big” will effortlessly spruce up your kids’ study desks.  

6. Space Themed Wall Decor

What’s the go-to answer for most little-munchkins when you ask them the much-cliched question “What do you want to be when you grow up? Astronauts! Or rocket scientist! Space and astronomical wonders never cease to fascinate them and that’s why space themed wall decor is indeed a great choice for kids’ bedroom designs. These decors work exceptionally well if the whole room is designed around the theme. For instance, you can buy space-themed loft beds or bunk beds and enhance them further by decking up the walls with matching decor. Then again, dedicating a wall for rockets, planets, spaceships, and space suits is just as good to introduce the theme to your tiny rocket scientists’ room.  

Kids height cart wall decor on a wall inside kids room

7. Height Chart Wall Decor

A simple but obvious choice, height chart wall decor is fun and functional at the same time. Back in the olden days, parents used to mark their kids’ height on the walls using pencils. A wall with such random markings is indeed an eyesore! However, with wall decor, you can get extra-creative and even buy a themed height chart that could record every big climb on your child’s journey. With dedicated spaces for marking dates and other details, a wide range of height charts is available in the market these days. A black and white height chart that resembles the good old ruler is a classic choice while giraffe and animal-themed designs are the most popular choices of many parents.  

8. Birds, Butterflies, and Bee Wall Decor

A cause for distraction to stare out the window and lose focus while doing homework, birds, butterflies, and bees are a fascination for many young ones who love to spend time with nature. So, why not bring such winged wonders into your kids’ room interiors by decking up the walls with some beautifully designed decor? Butterfly wall decor does very well in pepping up the pink walls in a girl bedroom. You just need to throw in the right accessories to nail that dreamy aura. Older kids will take an instant liking to 3D metallic or mirror decor while colorful ladybugs, dragonflies, and birds are ideal for toddlers and preschoolers.  

9. Under the Sea Wall Decor

Who said blue is for boys? If your child wants to indulge in all things blue, the favorite color for boys and girls alike, an under the sea themed wall decor on blue walls makes perfect sense. Get wild with funky or cartoonish designs of shells, seahorses, fish, whales, dolphins, octopus, mermaids, Nemo, Dory, you name it! Sharks and submarines are also a great addition to this list.  

superhero themed wall decor with spiderman and superman inside kids room

10. Superhero Themed Wall Decor

For kids, inspiration most often comes from superheroes - Marvel and DC - and no wonder, kids’ room designs that feature superhero-inspired décor, accessories, and furniture are rising in popularity. Cool and trendy 3D wall decor featuring Captain America, Hulk, Batman, Iron Man, Superman, and Spiderman are a hot favorite with young kids, tweens, and teens alike. Is your kid a hardcore superhero fan? You can also perk up the room with superhero-inspired cushions, beddings, pillows, light fixtures, and kids’ furniture.  

11. Cars Wall Decor

From Steve McQueen to Aston Martins and Cadillacs, cars capture the fancy of kids like no other. It seems that this childhood obsession never really goes away and car-themed wall decor might be one of those few things that might just stand the test of time in your child’s room. If your kids are diehard car lovers, you can also look for furniture and furnishings designed around the same theme. For instance, car beds are one of the leading items in the kids’ furniture department.  

12. Unicorns and Rainbows Wall Decor

Kids love living in their little fantasy worlds and that’s precisely why unicorn and rainbow themed wall decor appeal to them. It goes without saying that such designs set a happy mood to the child in your home and the inner child in you! Simply watching your kids start a day with a bright sunny smile surrounded by cute vibrant colors, fills the whole house with happiness. It is also a great way to make bedtime stories much more interesting. If you are looking for kids’ room ideas that incorporate fun, fantasy, and dreaminess in equal measures, we suggest unicorns on pink walls.  

Elephant wall decor inside kids room

13. Disney Wall Decor

From the timeless Mickie and Minnie to princesses like Elsa, Anna, Aurora, and Rapunzel, Disney has got a whole wide range of characters. And guess what, kids take an instant liking to these characters. Perk up your kids’ room with decor featuring characters from their favorite movies and they are going to love it. Want to take it to the next level? Get the whole room custom-designed in the Disney theme complete with castle-like bunk beds and matching fixtures and accessories.  

14. Educational Wall Decor

Research suggests that bright and large visuals are way more effective in learning than a small book filled with letters. A fun way to help younglings identify numbers, shapes, colors and more, educational wall decor makes learning less monotonous and more engaging. Depending on the age of your child, choose from a fantastic array of options available including alphabets, numbers, the solar system, the world map, multiplication table, periodic table, and the like.  

15. Photo Frame Wall Decor

One of the latest and quirkiest additions to the family of wall decor, these designs combine the beauty of wall décor and the functionality of photo frames. A photo frame wall decor typically features a huge tree with multiple branches, each of which will have built-in frames or dedicated slots to affix photographs. If you are looking for kids’ bedroom ideas that help incorporate some of the most cherished moments from your kids’ life, photo frame wall decor is a refreshing and ingenious choice. That’s not all! From designs inspired by nature, trains, and transportation to marker-friendly, 3D, and acrylic versions, your options are truly diverse. Choose designs that best suit your kids’ room interiors and create a warm and refreshing space for them to sleep, study, and play. Let there be colors, fun, and lots of laughter! 

Need to buy Kids' Wall Decor? We have a huge collection covering every kind of wall decor to perfectly match your kid's room design.  

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