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Portrait of kid's author Sudha Murty

India@75 | Inspirational authors of India

Words are a powerful means of communication. Stories are one of the soothing means to convey messages to children. Here are the authors who skillfully craft words to make their stories fun and readable for children.
on January 01, 2022
Room for 2 young kids with L shape bed and book shelves

At What Age Should A Child Have Their Own Room?

It is undeniable, is that children do need their own space as they grow. Having a space to call their own makes children more independent, more responsible and lets you enjoy the privacy of your bedroom.  So, how do you decide when to give your child his/ her own room? Read our expert's take on the question that is on every parent's mind.
on October 16, 2021
Pink colour lego themed conventional trundle bed

What Is A Trundle Bed And How To Select One For Your Kid?

Trundle Bed looks like a regular single bed. However, the bed is designed in such a way that you can pull out a second bed from under the parent bed frame. It’s like having two beds that occupy the space of one! Read our experts' take on how to select Trundle Bed for your kids. 
on October 09, 2021
11 Tips on How to Design a Room for Kids with Autism

11 Tips on How to Design a Room for Kids with Autism

Every child is special and deserves a room where they feel safe and happy growing up. As per WHO, one in 160 children has an autism spectrum disorder. Our focused approach ensures that the kids with autism have their special place to grow and blossom. Our experts share 11 tips that you should keep in mind while designing a room for kids with autism.
on March 29, 2021
Space-Saving Kid’s Room Designs For Small Rooms

Space-Saving Kid’s Room Designs For Small Rooms

It isn’t the size of the room that determines whether or not a child will enjoy it but rather how it has been designed. Smart choices in terms of colours and furniture are key to a smart, fun and functional kid's room design. If you find yourself stuck, reach out for professional help – our design experts are always there to help you out.

on February 25, 2021
8 Different Types Of Kids Wardrobes

8 Different Types Of Kids Wardrobes

A wardrobe is a critical element in every kid’s room. As you know, a wardrobe houses your child’s clothes and other personal belongings, keep them protected from dust and damage and makes sure their stuff stays organized. Here are our top picks for your little ones wardrobe. 

on February 21, 2021



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