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The car bed for kids with customized cushions, animal wallpaper and velvet upholstery. There is a loft with stairs, slide, and an activity area.

Five Amazing Car Beds for Kids in India

Is your kid a fan of toys with wheels? Seeing car beds makes them joyous. Our car beds are not just playful but very functional as well.  Here are some of the car beds in India to vibe with your racer kid's bedroom.
on September 28, 2022
Yellow-Blue themed solid study table for kids by the window with storage space.

Things to consider while designing your kid's study area

The aspects to consider for designing the study space for your kids. Tantrums and excuses are not surprising when children hear homework. The easy-peasy way to help these energy packets to sit down by their books is by designing a unique study space that will create a perfect motivation to study. Here is our experts' take on how to do that. 
on September 17, 2022
Kid’s room for the twins with independent bed, slide, and stairs by the loft area, bookshelf, and a bench by the window.

5 perfect kids bedroom designs for Hyderabad

Here are the 5 FUNctional kid’s rooms we have designed in Hyderabad which are loved by the kids and admired by parents.
on August 03, 2022
A cute cubby house with a slide, climber, and stairs which makes it convenient for the parents to join their kids as well.

Everything parents should know about Cubby House - A playhouse of kids

What is a Cubby House, you ask? Don't worry parents. We have answered here all your questions about a Cubby House. It is a complete playhouse, loaded with every possible kind of game and activity for the kids to not have a moment of boredom and more importantly, learning that happens with the strike of reality.
on July 20, 2022
The kid’s room wallpaper of owl, fox, lion, cow, and honey bee showing their unique traits.

6 Positive Affirmation Wallpapers for your Kid's Bedroom

Wallpapers occupy a striking space of the room that radiates into the vibe of the kid’s room. Our wallpapers are made from high quality materials and are completely kids safe. You may choose superheroes, world maps, themes such as nature, wildlife etc, or you can go with geometrical patterns. They are the perfect addition to a kid's bedroom interiors, Choose the one that encourages their imagination to run wild.
on July 11, 2022
A kid’s room for the siblings. Independent bed, loft area for play that has board games and scribbling area, and a study table. Wardrobe and cabins for storage.

5 perfect kids bedroom designs - Bangalore

Here are 5 functional and sprightly kid’s rooms interiors that we have designed in Bangalore, and admired by the parents.
on June 10, 2022